The Great Thanksgiving listen – 2019

This is a interview with my mother. I feel as if I know a little bit more about her than I did before we started the interview.

Best Friend

It is important to not take things for granted, you never know what could happen at any time. Family is very important, and the ones who are there for you.

Minami and Miyachan 2018 Interview

We discuss, in English and Japanese, of her life and mine. What would she change, what she believes, and what Miyachan has enjoyed in her life so far.

History Class

We talked about early experiences of Malele and the most influential person in her life.

Interview on Grandma

This interview was all about what my grandmas childhood was like living in Hawaii and on a plantation field.

Story core; Life in Hawaii

My grandpa and I talked about what is was like to grow up in Hawaii, work, and just what life was like living in the paradise Hawaii is. I was also left with important knowledge, wisdom, and advice.

Who am I?
November 28, 2017 App Interview

A dive right into Kosuke Nomaru’s life thus far. Covering childhood idols, significant events, life lessons, and multi culture struggles. A proud Japanese American afraid of nothing, and aspiring electrical engineer, with vast war machine knowledge, and a limitless potential....

Time with TeeTee

Mary Morris Graves, also known as Tutu by her grandchildren and TeeTee by neicesvand nephews is 101 years old and lives in Kaneohe, Hawaii. She talked about her childhood and important things in her life.

Brianne’s story

Her experience of moving to Hawaii.

Thanksgiving listen – Dave Gohman

We talked about his life as a child and growing up, we also talked about what the war was like and his role in it.

Thanksgiving interview

We basically talked about his childhood. Growing up, and being a teenager.

My brothers life going in school

It was about himself and it was about the person who insults him because of his finger and not fighting back

Tess Carrozzo interviews George Greco

Tess had asked me a lot of questions about my childhood best first day it’s just personal questions about my life is very informative and I think I gave her a lot of information about her uncle George.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interviewing my mother, Charolyn KN as she shares about her culture, childhood, and overall life.