Darren Lee and Cynthia Lee

Husband and wife, Darren Lee (59) and Cynthia "Cindy" Lee (64), discuss how they met, got married, and raised a family all while serving in the military.

PART 3 Gina, Shay, and Rahni: A conversation with a war veteran, a single mother, and her daughters and the effects of Social Injustice.

Gina Howard (44), in part one of a four-part series of a conversation with Shay Ware 25-year-old daughter, and Rahni Patnett, 20-year-old daughter about life before, during, and after the military and how the social injustices have affected our lives...

Kahoʻiwai Belsom + Jocelyn Romero Demirbag
December 29, 2023 App Interview

In May 2022, Jocelyn Romero Demirbag, Ed.D., Director of Development, Maui Nui at The University of Hawaii Foundation, completed a storytelling training alongside 12 extraordinary individuals led by SMALL TOWN * BIG ART artist Leilehua Yuen. Our team paired each...

Yolanda Gonzalez Rothfub-sergeant hawaii/arizona/somalia USMC

She thinks that it is a good experience for everyine and recommends it for almost everybody.

changes on the west side of Oahu

negative and positive changes on the west side of Oahu over the years and how its affected its residents.

Interview w gma

My grandma and I discuss influential events in her life and lessons that she was taught.

Barrett Ramos and Hazel Diaz

Barrett "Butch" Ramos [no age given] tells his new friend Hazel Diaz (36) the story of his Uncle Willy, a marine who defended his platoon against hundreds of Japanese soldiers in the Battle of Saipan during WWII.

The great listen

Mainly we talked about the highlights of her life and how that affects her currently

Jamie Kekaualua and Evangeline Kekaualua

Jamie Kekaualua [no age given] shares a conversation with her grandmother, Evangeline Kekaualua (87) about Evangeline’s upbringing in Hawaii, how she came to Columbus, Georgia, the advice she would like to pass on to others, and about her family.

my lovely mother

This is an interview with my mom, a person that is very important to me. It is some questions about her job, family, and life where I gained a deeper understanding of her.

Sense of place

The change of culture, people, geography over time in Hawaii

Interview with Uncle Ted (Mr. Edward Holland) about my father, Pearlis Leon “Wash” Washington
December 24, 2022 App Interview

Maythinee Washington interviews her "Uncle Ted" (Edward Wilcox Holland, Jr., Esq), the best friend of her father, Pearlis "Wash" Washington (CMSGT, Air Force) about their friendship: how they met, and their adventures together from Thailand to Hawaii.

Caleb McKendry with Sandra Ednie childhood interview

Sandra Ednie was talking about her childhood with Caleb McKendry. She spoke about living in the islands right after World War 2 and exploring the mountain and beach.

So Many Happy Moments

In this interview I (17) interview my mother, Nellie Walker (45) about her life from childhood up to now. She and I discuss her experiences as a parent, our roots as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...

Life as a military nurse #mimi

This is interview is about my grandmas life in the military

Mackenzie and Mark talk about being in the navy and daily life.

In this interview, me and my dad Mark talked about many things that included being in the navy, his work life now, and his hobbies. He had a lot to talk about when he was in the navy. He told...

A rainy day in Kauai

The story of how my mother saved a woman’s life

Justin Davies and Tobi Hanna-Davies

Stepmother and stepson Tobi Hanna-Davies (76) and Justin Davies (52) talk about their shared experiences with Micronesia and their mutual desire to educate the United States about different cultures.

Interview with Dad

My dad lives in South Carolina; I live in Ohio. We only see each other in the summer. We talked about his childhood, time in the service, Love for the beach and his family.