Talked about life and about how life is going and what are his plans for the future

Early Life of a Grandmother

Me and my grandmother talked about her early life in high school. Some examples used in the interview were how she met her husband, a friend, and eventually learned what it took to be a mother of three. We also...

High School Life

We talked about what life was like in high school. And what we plan on doing after school.

Interview with Caren

A 16yr/o mom having motivation to become a nurse and persevering through high school

Lexi not answering my questions for 15 minutes straight

We started talking about who influences Lexi to her most embarrassing moments in high school with some journalism talk in the middle.

Kitty LaRae Serna and Robert Ingram

Robert E. L. Ingram (87) and his great-granddaughter Kitty LaRae Serna (19) share their thoughts on what family, Yuma, and being education professionals means to them.

Maddie Brown & Young Life

We discussed what she thought about religious or spiritual youth and how they are set up for life. We then discussed her involvement Young Life and what they are doing as a youth program to impact youth. They impact both...

Mom Interview

This is a interview with my mom about her childhood.

Javier Rodriguez and his Grandmother Irene Nevarez Talk about her childhood in downtown Chicago.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Stickney, Illinois, Javy Rodriguez interviews his grandmother Irene Nevarez (59) about what it’s like to grow up in a Hispanic household in downtown Chicago, as she discusses important people in her life,...

Sharing the love between Mommy and Me

I am interviewing my 47 year old mother about her life back then and many more thing. Skip to 8:40 to hear the funny story of my first track meet

An Interview With my Mom 2017

This is an interview I did with my mother about some questions I have been wondering for a while and I finally got the answers, thanks to The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Change can always be a good thing

I talked about how I changed throughout middle school to now