Keith Jermyn discusses his US navy service, including multiple active duty deployments after "9-11", and his current work with veterans.

Powerful reflections: Keith joined the US navy the day after finishing high school. After returning to civilian life to raise a family, he signed up to serve again after 9-11. Keith helps veterans now as District Director, MA Dept of...

An Afternoon with Mimi

I spent time with my grandmother asking her about her past and I asked her to reflect on her life.

Interview with My Mum #hinghamoc2017

Here we talk with my mom and her early life struggles in Vietnam and how she adapted to life in the US.

The great thanksgiving listen 2016

With my grandfather who is 89 year old. Was alive when world war 2 was going on and he joined the war. He was lucky that he was never put in the line of duty.

An interview with my stepdad

I talked with my stepdad about his life growing up in Hingham, MA, and how his life came to be now in regards to family, school, and his career.


#Hinghamseniors #hinghamseniors #hinghamstories

Hingham Seniors Interview

We discussed Kathy’s favorites memories and hobbies. We had a great conversation and built a meaningful connection! #HinghamSeniors

For Bill Ramsey, Army JAG service with the 82nd Airborne brought him "out of his comfort zone" and yielded important life lessons.

William (Bill) Ramsey, a successful attorney and judge, and a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve, reflects on the values he has taken away from military service--including active duty as a JAG attached to the US Army's 82nd Airborne...

Interview with Mom

My mom and I talk about her childhood memories and the values of family

Thanksgiving Listen 2017

I interviewed my dad, William Francis Higgins Sr., about life in Hingham and down the cape growing up as well as starting and running his own company.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about just about every topic ranging from Love life to elections. It was great to get to know someone more that I thought I’d already knew.