Mother And I

A short and nice interview with my mother talking about early life and understanding how she grew up.

Grandparents Day

We talk about GiGi favorite things to do her favorite color and her favorite food .

Benefits of owning cats

My mom has always had cats and this is me asking what they have done for her

What happened to my baby brother?

My mom and I talk about the miscarriage she had after having me.


In this video I interview my mother. Speech 1311

SLP Interview – Toni Lee

The APUSH Service Learning Project with my dad.

Missy Zenz
September 18, 2022 App Interview

This interview is about Melissa Zenz talking about her teaching career and how she feels.

lee dyke
November 28, 2021 App Interview

lee dyke: 2021-11-28 17:20:30 me and my sister.

Life and Swim Experience of Elli

Xiyan Zhang(17) talks with her friend, Elli Denman(16), about her life and swim experiences.

Interview on my Brother

Today i interview my brother about his past and his childhood and his life back then and his life now.

Interview proposals

I asked my sister questions about mainly her past life and what she learned from it and how it makes her who she is. Also talked about her life with kids and her advice on me or future generations of...

“Every event in life is what creates YOU”

The intriguing events in Christopher Kepner’s life that has affected who he is today. Such as his parents divorce and his mother being verbally abusive.

Interview with my mom

It is my mom's memories about her and me. And we talk about what she wants to say to me.

Interviewing My Mom

What was talked about was how my mom mostly lived and how she described me as her daughter.