Global Studies Interview

I talked to my mother about her life and who has influenced her.

Me and my mom

About what we would have happen and what parts were happy and sad.

Oral history family project

We talked about her childhood and difficult things she went through growing up.

Interview With Mother

Me and my mother talked about her childhood and things she wishes she could change or things that’s made her into who she is today but we also got Into some political things about our current president and how she...

Mother And I

A short and nice interview with my mother talking about early life and understanding how she grew up.

Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was a way for me to connect with my mother on another level. I already talk a lot with my mom but i would never think twice about what was asked.

My Moms Christmas traditions

Today I asked my mom some questions about her Xmas traditions

thanksgiving listen

This is a test Interview for Ava Youngs thanksgiving listen 2018.

About the obstacles

This will be talking about everything me and my mom are talking about

Interview with Mom

I asked my mom the difficulties of becoming a parent and some advice

“Every event in life is what creates YOU”

The intriguing events in Christopher Kepner’s life that has affected who he is today. Such as his parents divorce and his mother being verbally abusive.

Rithvik talks to Renu Aunty about her experiences with education, coming to America, and the role education has on life.

Renu Aunty was my neighbor for the past 12 years. Over the years, my relationship with her got so close that I consider her as my grandmother. This video is about her experiences as a student in America. We talk...

My Mother and me (son) on the talk of Life. (Spanish)

This is a conversation between me and my mother based on her life experience and what she went through to give me lessons and an adventure of scenes of distinct cultures. It can also be seen the ideologies that she...

Interview With My Dad

We talked about my dad's childhood and how he wanted to be remembered.

Amber Ceja and Jayanna Hudson

Amber Ceja and Jayanna Hudson getting to know one another for a sociology project. November 15th, 2020.

2020 Uneasy Election

Mason Sanchez asks some questions to his dad about the election.