Interview with Mom

I asked my mom the difficulties of becoming a parent and some advice

Interview with my mom

It is my mom's memories about her and me. And we talk about what she wants to say to me.

Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was a way for me to connect with my mother on another level. I already talk a lot with my mom but i would never think twice about what was asked.

Interview with Auntie Sheila

We talked about family gatherings in the Philippines and America

Discipline Embarrassment

In this interview, Frances Ngo askes her Mother, Wendy Yeh, about why parents are embarrassed about disciplining their child in public? Also, we will find out if Wendy Yeh is embarrassed by her daughter, Frances Ngo.


We talked about regrets and future things and how she loves me

Interview with my sister

What makes us, us. What makes us proud. Our dreams compared to reality.

My Dad’s career

An interview between Me and My stepdad. A general interview about his job. He tells about working with his family. He also talks about what he wanted to get into as a kid.

Rithvik talks to Renu Aunty about her experiences with education, coming to America, and the role education has on life.

Renu Aunty was my neighbor for the past 12 years. Over the years, my relationship with her got so close that I consider her as my grandmother. This video is about her experiences as a student in America. We talk...

Global Studies Interview

I talked to my mother about her life and who has influenced her.

Shaan Haason and Bruce Marques Interview

I am a freshman at the HC and here I am interviewing a fellow freshman who has tested positive for COVID and is currently in quarantine.

Amber Ceja and Jayanna Hudson

Amber Ceja and Jayanna Hudson getting to know one another for a sociology project. November 15th, 2020.

My Mother and me (son) on the talk of Life. (Spanish)

This is a conversation between me and my mother based on her life experience and what she went through to give me lessons and an adventure of scenes of distinct cultures. It can also be seen the ideologies that she...

David and Nathan Lohrmann discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Nathan (28) interviews his dad, David (72) about climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts within their family, neighborhood, state, and country. Efforts include individual- and neighborhood-level actions, as well as more systemic changes.

Only one of my four sisters

In this interview I learned more about the sister's experiences as a teenager and as an older sister.