Storytelling Assignment Cassidy C

This is an interview for my speech class on how my Gran and I both tell our stories.

Recording – 11-10-2023 14:45:12

I interviewed Keyanna for my project.  we are friends who go to Kennedy high school, and we are both 15. We discussed many different topics.

Interview with my mom, Miguelina.

On may 15, I interview my Mom and I asked her brief questions about her race and ethnicity and what it means to be part of her community.

Monumental moments part 1

In this interview I began to unravel information that I was able to compare how things are different from now, I learned past decisions and Their reasons behind them.

Albert Sanchez: Loving uncle and businessman

“Believe that anything is possible, despite what life throws at you.” Erick Marmolejo (14) interviews his uncle Albert Sanchez (46). He described what it means to be successful and talks about people who inspire him.

Mother Interview
November 27, 2022 App Interview

I, Gigo Sarimsakci (M16), am interviewing my mother, Lilianne Sarimsakci (F55). I asked her about her experience as a child and about her raising me as a child.


Ja’lae Clay, cousin. Discussed childhood, life now, and future plans.

Jill Thompson and Julia Thompson

Today I asked my mom some simple questions about her life, adulthood, and childhood. I found out new things myself, and found some fun stories about her I never knew! This was a great experience and I’m glad I got...

Becoming a Medical Assistant

I interview my cousin, Lorena Estrada, who is a 29 year old medical assistant and I disused on her journey on how she got into her career.

Jezler Argueta

Jezler Argueta is 17 years old and goes to animo Jackie Robinson. He talked about his life and his accomplishments from this school. And mentioned his family and life story.

the life of Momma

life with mother about her young and early life and life now.Susan fanno who is 53 and is my mother

Great Thanksgiving Listen
December 2, 2022 App Interview

Cassie Aiello, 41 years old and she is my mom. Discussed her life growing up.

talk show improve thing with my dad and mom
November 28, 2022 App Interview

i did amazing and both my parents love me most

Cade and Rachel Haggerty

Mother and son talk about subjects for college assignment :)