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my great grandmother had a very hard and difficult life. Here she shares her story of life in Iceland and how America was a massive change.

Technology Throughout Grandma’s Lifetime (mass comm 101)

Born in Mississippi in 30’s, Millie discusses technological changes throughout her lifetime and how they’ve impacted her personally.

Haley Fitzsimons and Kevin Fitzsimons

Haley Fitzsimons (30) talks to her husband Kevin Fitzsimons (27) about being set up by a friend in Ireland, communicating overseas, meeting each other for the first time (for their first date) in Iceland, the moments each of them fell...

Talking to Hylunar Gudjónsson about his life growing up, living and working in New York and life lessons he’s learned.

In this interview, I sat down with my family friend from New York City, Hylunar Gudjonsson. He talked about growing up in Iceland, his job as a consul general trade commissioner for Iceland, his wife Lulu and their wedding day,...

Interview of Norma Swenson

We talked about her life and her experiences and gave good advise and wisdom.