great thanksgiving listen

Ashley (my sister) and I mostly talked about what we’ve gone through together and how much we need each other in life. I added a few extra questions of my own in the end, because i felt like the recommended...


Pretty much how Lanvin’s life has changed every since he left Philippines and about his mom, dad, and me(Noe).

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with mamaw

I spoke with my amazing mamaw about her life and it was short but sweet to here about some of them.

Life’s Changed

Noe’s moves from Texas to Indiana and it has changed his life in a good way.

Cathy (mom) and Elizabeth (daughter) talking about the Covid 19 from 2 (educational) perspectives

I am a science teacher (56) in a middle school struggling to keep my students engaged. My daughter (17) is a high schooler with a very in-depth understanding of how this pandemic is affecting students. We talk about this subject...

Part 3- Retired attorney Andy Cecere talks about his life and journey to Richmond, IN.

From a young age, Andy was motivated to create change. In this three part interview, Alison hears about his childhood, his time in the service, his path to Earlham and his life in Richmond. We also learn about those who...

Part 2- Sophia Interviews her dad, Russell Bauserman

December 10th, 2017, Sophia Bauserman Interviews her dad, Russell Bauserman in Ashburn, Virginia. He is asked questions about his favorite memories of the past. Some questions are answered about his teen years and some are answered about his childhood. His...

Claudia and Kaitlyn talk about childhood, mindfulness, and parenting.

Claudia reflects on her childhood and the importance of family in her life. She shares lessons from parenting, mindfulness, and teaches Kaitlyn the concept of "self-talk".

Part Two: Maria speaks of transition, settling into Richmond, and her dreams of bringing more Mexican culture to her adopted city!

Part one of two: Maria sits down with Alison and translator Kaitlyn to talk about family, her move to Richmond, and ways she believes we can incorporate more Mexican culture into the town she has grown to love and appreciate!

A daughter’s interview with her hero: her mother

I am a survivor of domestic violence. My mom has been with me every step of the way. The interview addresses divorce, rescues, protective orders, and starting over.

My mom’s childhood

My mom and I reviewed her childhood experiences.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

During this conversation, my dad and I talked about his early childhood. This included his family, his jobs, and what growing up in another state was like. Then we talked about major US events, and how he met my mom!...