The Senior Life at ETA

Caleb Binkley is a senior at Eagle Tech Academy and is graduating this year. Caleb discusses his experience at Eagle Tech Academy and his plans for the future.

Life’s Changed

Noe’s moves from Texas to Indiana and it has changed his life in a good way.

Jenny Sanders 2022

I interviewed my grandma, Jenny Sanders. In this interview we talked about her early childhood, teenage events, and later lifetime events.

interview 60’s
April 17, 2023 App Interview

Jeffrey McClintic 67 years, he is my grandfather. The topic of discussion was how a young/adolescent lived in the 60's, what is was like to experience various historical events.

Elaine McKenna interviews Ruth Robertson About Her Life
November 27, 2015 App Interview

This is an interview between Elaine McKenna and her mother Ruth Robertson that was done on Thanksgiving November 26, 2015. Ruth shares the story of her childhood, her parents, and her marriage to Lainey's father, Phillip Markovich.

A Glance Down Memory Lane

This year for Thanksgiving, some of our family came down from Indiana. I didn't know them that well, so I decided that I wanted to interview them and get to know them more by learning about their childhood.

Getting to know Ms. Schwab

Linda Schwab is a very greatful person who loves animals. She talks about how her sister was very special to her. Linda is greatful for having god and being able to go to church.

Avery & her Dad talk about his experience as a firefighter

In this interview, developed in Alexandria, Indiana on November 26, Avery Cuneo (16) interviews her dad Brian Cuneo (42) about his experience while being a firefighter. Brian shares his experience on becoming a firefighter and shares many stories about the...

mom & me

I am Tori (16) and I interviewed my mom (Nikki, 51). We talked about some of her favorite things. Also we discussed childhood memories from her childhood.

Civil War Discussion

A discussion on the Civil War and speculation about the events around it.