Desert Thoughts

Cody talks about his experiences and perceptions of being and living in the Mojave Desert. This conversation was recorded in his favorite little canyon behind his home, the "July Canyon," after recording his tale of border crossing for "Desert Stories...

Maria and Michael, mother and son bonding

Michael and his mom, Maria, ask and answer fundamental questions that relate back to their childhood and the things most important to them.

Curtis Krofft and Courtney Gilbert

Curtis Krofft (63) talks with StoryCorps facilitator Courtney Gilbert (28) about the period of his childhood that he spent in Joshua Tree and the annual turtle races that went on there, and later the politics and current events that led...

Laurel Seidl talking about The Glass Outhouse Gallery with Eric Saks

A visit with art gallery owner Laurel Seidel at her Glass Outhouse Gallery on HWY 62, in Wonder Valley, California… or as Laurel says, “ I’m so far out, if you go East of me you fall off the edge...