Interview with David Han (in Korean)

David Han explains that in life, you should choose a major that YOU want, and not others. He agrees that choosing a major was a hard part of his life. He also states that having a good mentor is essential,...

Olivia Lee LHP Gwangju Uprising

My Living History Project on my grandfather who wrote about the Gwangju uprising

Getting to know more about Irene

We talked about her childhood, achievement and life. We talked about other things like religion and nicknames

Interview with Grandfather about Korean War

I️ I️ tervirwed my grandfather about his life in Korea prior to moving to the United States, and how his life changed after the Korean War and his immigration.

Ralph Kayler talks to a student from Pentwater Schools about his experiences in The Korean War.

Background information on Ralph Kayler before the war and why he joined. A discussion of his time in boot camp and various types of training he received. Information about his time in Germany before going to the Korean Penninsula. A...

Grandma’s Story

I, Genesis Bernal, interviewed my grandmother, Sun Kim, and asked her questions about her childhood, coming to America, her occupations, and my mother’s and uncle’s father.

William Tenney and his time in the Korean War

Mr. Tenney describes his time serving as a dentist in the US Navy during the Korean War

Daddy Goo’s life story

We are in Daddy Goo’s home in the Gramercy apartments. I asked many personal questions and I have learned a lot from his answers. This opportunity has made our relationship closer and I'm am grateful.

World history oral history project

Where he lived and how he lived throughout his life. His best moments of his life.

a lovely interview with my Papa

Today I talked about my Papa’s life in the car. We talked about his life, childhood, kids, memories, and favorite things in his life. I had 14 questions to ask him but he had short answers so I had to...