The unknown

A conversation in spanish between a mother and a daughter about her mother's life in the United States.

Adelina Taylor talks about stories of her life, marriage,and family.

Adelina Grande Taylor talks about her early childhood and her family background. She talks about World War II and her memories of it. She talks about her late husband telling stories about him and how they met. She speaks of...

Interview my grandparents

I asked them questions about their life’s. I also learned new things about them .

Discovering my Grandma

In this interview, conducted November 27, 2017 in Greenwood Louisiana, PJ Johnson(16) interviews his grandmother Beulah Turner about her childhood growing up in Arkansas. Mrs. Turner tells the story about her life, from childhood and things she was interested in...

Tracy Riley and Trezell Ragas

Trezell Ragas (22) interviews her family friend Tracy Riley (45) about Tracy's community involvement. Tracy recounts her career of serving in the military. She talks about her lifelong fight for economic justice for black people in Louisiana.

Jesuit public speaking interview fall 2017 Chris Morel

I, Chris Morel, (17) interview with my mother, Amy Morel, (51) about her life. She also talks about her childhood and being raised by a single mother for much of that time. She goes into her relationship with my father,...

The legacy of Coach Carter

Interview with ad a educational leader as she retires.

Steve and Caroline- 5-8-2023

Listen as Caroline interviews her mom’s old roommate from LA!

My Papa Jack

My papa Jack says he is very boring, but to me, I always love learning about about him. He told me about my mom, how he loved school and his jobs.

Robert Mere-Christmas 2018

Robert Mere shared his memories of growing up, the influence of education and a strong loving family on his development, and the importance of accepting other people where they are at. He used the culmination of his 79 years of...

School Life

I asked Hailey her general description of what school was like and who impacted her the most.

Halle Davenport Interviews her aunt Amy Mercer about her Great Quilting Hobby!

In the interview, conducted in February 2022 in Alexandria, Louisiana, Halle Davenport(16) Interviews her aunt Amy Mercer(41) about her Quilting Hobby. Amy Mercer shared her stories about how she first got started quilting. She mentions she makes her own patterns...

Fuming in the Pandemic

A brother and sister talk about life in quarantine.

Interviewing with Eddie Min. Jan.16, 2021

This interview included Mr. Min’s personal experiences, job and many interesting things, Mr. Min’s job thought him many important lessons and he shared them during the interview, he hopes that his experience can give other people some enlightenments.

Maribel talks about the struggles in life and the lessons she learned

In this interview, December 1, 2019 in LA California, we talk with Maribel Estrada who is 34 years old. Maribel shares the important lessons in life and the life she lived through. Mostly the struggle that she has been through...

Cailey Beck interviews Gina Kim

Gina Kim was born and raised in Koreatown. She is a recent high school graduate and was planning on going to Yale in the fall to study English, but due to COVID-19, has been forced to take a gap year....

Great Thanksgiving Listen: Interview with Muhammad Sharif Cheema

Aroosa Cheema, 16, interviews her great uncle, Muhammad Sharif Cheema, about his childhood in rural Pakistan. The interview was conducted in New Orleans, LA on November 27, 2015 as part of the Great Thanksgiving Listen.

What movie stars did you meet?

My grandfather talks about his work experience and some of the most interesting places he has been too. He reminisces’ about good old times with family. He lists off some of the 32 Countries he has been too for business,...