Thanksgiving listen

We talked a lot about his childhood, and then some about his wife and his work

2018 Immigration Project – Mr Robichaud – By David Nguyen

I, David Nguyen, interview my mother, Lan “Tina” Nguyen for a school project on immigration. My mother, Lan, was a Vietnamese immigrant who escaped from the Vietnam War to America years ago as she tells us in this interview.

I think that students want to push themselves.

Professor Stanley Chang talks with his student, Xi Xi ’17, about his passion for mathematics and the innovative ways he gets students excited about math.

Uncle Sam

In this interview, we talked about memories and my Uncle Sam as a child. He opened up and told me things that have never been asked before.

Living in My Mom’s Big and Adventurous World.

This is the story of a mother and how far she went to get to where she is now. This interview introduces my mom’s struggles, but also her successes. It is also an interview about her child hood and our...

Hierarchy of Needs
November 27, 2018 App Interview

Discuss questions of childhood, education, family, and how she wants to be remembered.

Audrey Morrissey and Lisa Goldblatt Grace

Co-Executive Directors Audrey Morrissey (58) and Lisa Goldblatt Grace (53) of My Life My Choice remember their first meeting, reflect on the growth of their organization My Life My Choice, and discuss the importance of uplifting the voices of survivors...

Gus Newport and Jason Webb

Gus Newport (82) talks with his long time friend Jason Webb (38) about how they first met and why they are so passionate about community organizing. Gus shares about his work at the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Jason describes...

Interview with My Uncle

I decided to interview my uncle because he grew up with 10 siblings and he grew up when things were very inexpensive and I thought that it was very interesting.

Enzo Vallee and Tom Devlin

Tom Devlin (67) speaks about his service in the Navy with Enzo Vallee (17)

Teary Eyed Nana Recalls her Lifespan

In this interview, conducted on March 14, 2020 in Rockland, Massachusetts, Jessica LaRosa (18) interviews her grandmother Janet LaRosa (71) about her lifespan and experience in the workforce. Mrs. LaRosa shares some of the roughest moments of her life, along...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 29, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed my grandfather, Ray Korber. He gave me advice, reflected on the past, and described hopes for the future.

Valery Marroquin and her little brother, Derek, talk about the quarantine, and get to know each other better.

In Lawrence, Massachusetts my bother, Derek, and I get to know each other more. He is 10 years old while I am 13. I talk to him about his struggles with asthma and how mouth he much likes being at...

Mom and I

Growing up a single child of a single parent our relationship with each other is different than most parents and children.

Wheeler – Mentor

This is an interview that i did with one of my mentors on race, in which she gives an in depth discussion on ways that we as a society can progress

Wheeler – Classmate

In this interview, I interviewed my classmate who discussed racial issues that she has seen on campus and in her life experiences.

The Opioid Epidemic

Ari was a junkie for years and he is now making efforts to create places for addicts to go to get useful help and end their addiction easier than other therapy.