I'm so grateful for you to be coming back to Wellesley.

Marta Rainer ’98 talks with her former teacher, now friend and colleague, Nora Hussey, about their love of theater and their work at Wellesley.

I think that students want to push themselves.

Professor Stanley Chang talks with his student, Xi Xi ’17, about his passion for mathematics and the innovative ways he gets students excited about math.

Everyone is unbelievably glad that they went to a single-­sex school. I think it’s had a profound impact on all of us.

Three generations of alumnae—grandmother Katherine Barrett Murphy ’53, mother Georgia Murphy Johnson ’75, and daughter Katherine Johnson ’03—reflect on their experiences at Wellesley, spanning 50 years.

Revealing Authenticity Through Experience: An Interview with Elizabeth Perez.

In this discussion between a mother and daughter, Christina and Elizabeth Perez discuss the facets of Elizabeth’s life that have shaped her into who she is today. Beginning with her multiple moves as a child and her various exposure to...

Your voice was encouraged, and that confidence gained among sisters.

Linda Salzman Gottlieb ’60 speaks with her friend Nicki Newman Tanner ’57 about the frustrations she encountered in regard to sexism after graduation, and how Wellesley prepared both of them to make their voices heard.

Interview with my nana

I ask questions about my nana’a life growing up in the United States as she moved from Italy at the young age of 8 years old. I ask questions about adapting to a new country, learning English, raising children and...

Christmas Interview with Dad

Conversation between a daughter and father about life, lessons, and advice. Dad reflects on his childhood, raising his children, and the loss of his own father.

Growing up

We talked about my dad’s childhood. We also talked about who was a bigger influence to him, his mom or his dad.

Ashton’s theology interview project

I talked to my mom Nakia. I asked her questions about her childhood and her goals in life

My Mother’s Childhood

I asked my mother about her childhood because she was raised completely different than the way she raised us.

The life a teenager with a baby

The struggles and thoughts of being pregnant at 14 and giving birth at 15


In this interview Alyssa Norton and Mary Matthews talked about Mary’s past and some of her greatest memories. Mary shared her stories of when she was a child and how she met her first love.

Immigrant interview

Description of what it was like to immigrate from Spain to America

John real

An interview of my successful stepdad

“And I remember opening that box and feeling like my grandmother was there.”

Marah Herbach ’01 and her mother Judith Katz ’66 recall the tangible and intangible connections they made at Wellesley, tying them to generations of Wellesley students.

Mother and Daughter Dynamic Duo

A day in the life of Diana Fischer-Reddick who is my lovely mother! We talked about childhood, struggles, views on society, and family.

Mami’s Words of the Wiser

Overall, my Mom has been through a lot during her many years fof this strange thing called life. And I’m happy to know her as not only my Mom, the person who gabe birth to me, but a Best Friend...

Racial Equality

A biracial couples view on racial equality, talking about their past and present. And discussing the future of civil rights.

Charlie Kirk talks about his neatly 50 years in the development of the modern computer at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusett

This interview was conducted on April 22, 2018 in Acton, Massachusetts. Brennan McCabe (16) interviewed Charlie Kirk (90). Charlie briefly mentioned that he served in World War 2 in Europe, after which he attended Tufts University in Medford, MA. He...