Hierarchy of Needs
November 27, 2018 App Interview

Discuss questions of childhood, education, family, and how she wants to be remembered.

Thanksgiving listen

We talked a lot about his childhood, and then some about his wife and his work

Conversation with Jo Ann Whitehead & Bette Jo Green

After being together for decades, my dear friends Bette Jo Green and Jo Ann Whitehead were finally able to marry in 2004. My husband and I first met Bette Jo in 1995 under difficult circumstances, and shortly afterwards, we became...

Revealing Authenticity Through Experience: An Interview with Elizabeth Perez.

In this discussion between a mother and daughter, Christina and Elizabeth Perez discuss the facets of Elizabeth’s life that have shaped her into who she is today. Beginning with her multiple moves as a child and her various exposure to...

Papa’s Best Thanksgiving

Today, me and my grandfather discussed questions about Thanksgiving when he was a child. He discussed the most memorable Thanksgiving he had, one of his family’s Thanksgiving traditions, and his favorite Thanksgiving dish.

Lila Gaudrault talks with her grandmother Kathleen Caron about growing up in the 1950s, equality, and values to live by.

In this interview, completed in November 2017, Lila Gaudrault (15) interviews grandmother Kathleen Caron (67). The interview includes her story growing up, raising a family, and her values to live by. Mrs. Caron talks about her experiences as the first...

Valery Marroquin and her little brother, Derek, talk about the quarantine, and get to know each other better.

In Lawrence, Massachusetts my bother, Derek, and I get to know each other more. He is 10 years old while I am 13. I talk to him about his struggles with asthma and how mouth he much likes being at...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 29, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed my grandfather, Ray Korber. He gave me advice, reflected on the past, and described hopes for the future.

Mom and I

Growing up a single child of a single parent our relationship with each other is different than most parents and children.

Hingham Seniors Interview

We discussed Kathy’s favorites memories and hobbies. We had a great conversation and built a meaningful connection! #HinghamSeniors

Your voice was encouraged, and that confidence gained among sisters.

Linda Salzman Gottlieb ’60 speaks with her friend Nicki Newman Tanner ’57 about the frustrations she encountered in regard to sexism after graduation, and how Wellesley prepared both of them to make their voices heard.

The Opioid Epidemic

Ari was a junkie for years and he is now making efforts to create places for addicts to go to get useful help and end their addiction easier than other therapy.

For Bill Ramsey, Army JAG service with the 82nd Airborne brought him "out of his comfort zone" and yielded important life lessons.

William (Bill) Ramsey, a successful attorney and judge, and a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve, reflects on the values he has taken away from military service--including active duty as a JAG attached to the US Army's 82nd Airborne...

Interview with My Uncle

I decided to interview my uncle because he grew up with 10 siblings and he grew up when things were very inexpensive and I thought that it was very interesting.


He talked mostly about growing up in Waltham, MA.

I Interview My Younger Brother About His View on Online School & the Pandemic

I, Alexa Calcano, ask my younger brother, Aidan Calcano, about his experiences in online school. He talks about his school work and how he would like to see his friends in public rather than online. Aidan also talks about how...