Life questions

Algunas preguntas filosóficas que de cierta manera nos hicieron pensar

About my moyher’s life

I learn that my mother has a lovely and happiness childhood. She always take care about her family. She want to have a nice house on her beatifull Salvatierra, Guanajuato. The love of her life is my father. She want...

A Great Thanksgiving Listen 11/24

Today is the 24 of November and we were in Richmond California. Today I asked both of my patients a few questions about there past and current life and about a few memories about there childhood and teenage years.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this audio I interview my mom Marisol Aparicio, listen as she opens up to me about her past and her future

BC Interview

This interview was to get to know my English classmate more.

My moms life and changes

This is about a 13 year old girl interviews her mom and she tells how sad and difficult it was to move to the United States all the way from Guadalajara ,Mexico

Interview 1

I speak with my grandfather about his past and his greatest memories.

La Historia de Rosalia

Esta es la historia de mi mamá, Rosalia Salinas. En la cual comparte su historia de su infancia, su viaje a los Estados Unidos, y da consejos sobre las lecciones a lo largo de su vida.

Interviewing Simon Angulo

my grandpa and i talked about him growing up. we also talked about his relationship with my grandma.

Mom interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I discussed with my mom about her life as a kid, important people in her life, and her romance with my dad

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Me and my mom talked about her and my dad. We talked about how they met and all the fun times they’ve been through. I also asked her about herself and influential people in her life.

Grandmother Interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

We discussed my grandmothers life growing up as a Hispanic American. We talked about what she is passionate about, which is her flower shop. We also talked about the issues she had to overcome while raising three children on her...

Moms interview

My mom summarized her life story from her childhood to her teenage years. She talks about what she had to leave back when she made the choice of going to the U.S from Mexico.

A True American

From travel bans to building walls, immigration in the U.S. has been a hot topic of discussion in 2017. In Los Angeles, on November 26, 2017, Will Iger interviewed his family friend Cesar Vasquez. Will asked Cesar about his childhood,...

My grandma

I did a total of 23 questions where my grandma talks about her childhood life, where she grew up, and how she met my grandpa.Also memories of myself and my father, aunt, and uncle

“I worked my entire life for my kids”

Elvira talks about her young life and how she grew up. She also talks about her family and how she managed to be a single mother. I learned a lot about her hobbies and what she wants to do with...

Interview with grandpa

On December 10th Anabella Wade interviewed her grandfather Jorge Leyva. He lived in Tijuana and went to school learning English. In Tijuana he met his love juanita Leyva and moved to America and had 5 children.

Mom’s interview

We talked about my mother’s life. She was not afraid or emotional when doing this.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

A conversation between my father and I about his memories and hopes.

The Great Listen

We talked about his life growing up and a little about his family. We talked about some of his time cruising around and seeing the world.

A mexican life into an American one

The interview was about a person that lives in Mexico and when he was a teenager, he came to live in the US.

Mom and Daughter.

We talked about my mom’s childhood and her journey coming to the U.S.