Rosalia Melendez and Karen Melendez

In this interview my mom talks about moving from place to place. Also how her life changed when she moved to the United States. She also talks about her childhood in Mexico.

Felicitas Martínez

we talked about her early childhood days and some historical events she remembered.

Immigration nation woes

Veronica Perez and her husband Roberto are struggling through the immigration system.


He talks about his life as a student.

Blanca Fernandez
November 29, 2020 App Interview

I will be asking questions to my grandma about her life in Mexico and her life now.

Jennifer Moreno talks about what she’s grateful for as she reminisces life as a migrant

In this interview, Liz Plata (19) interviews her friend Jennifer Moreno (20) about her perspective on Thanksgiving as a Latina. She elaborates on how her family celebrates Christmas more than Thanksgiving as a result of being from Mexico, where they...

Interview with my Mom: Maria Patricia Carmona Godinez

In this interview with my mother, she discusses her life story. In Spanish she touches upon how living in Mexico was, how her life had fallen apart and needed to rebuild it so that she could provide to het family.

Maria Rodriguez

My mother recounts memorable and important things about her life, as well as events and changes that have impacted her greatly

Oral History Proyect

La entrevista se trató de conocer más a mi papá y de darme consejos según los eventos importantes que han ocurrido en su vida.

The Life History of Virginia Moreno

Virginia Moreno talks about her life experiences with her parents and family. She also lets us know how she met her significant other, and how he was one of the important people in her life in the past and present....

Antonia’s Interview

Antonia’s journey to the United States, she shares her early childhood in Mexico and her young adulthood in New York.

Moms past

In this interview I learned more about my mom’s past. She also talked about the good and bad memories she’s had in her life.

The life of my mother – Story corps interview

I’ve learned a lot of new information from this individual it was a pleasure to sit down and speak with her. She covers a lot about her life ranging from her childhood to her near dearly experience.

Caroline and her mother Norma talk about her life growing up in Mexico.

My moms life was very difficult growing up but she always tried looking at the bright side of things and acknowledging how blessed she was and never giving up on her dreams.

Mi Abuelita sobre la vida en Mapimi

My grandmother talks about her time growing up in a small Mining village in Ojuela, where the Roebling brothers built one of their famous bridges