A daughter & her father

In this interview, conducted in April 21 2020 in Anaheim, California, Michelle Torres interviews her father Miguel Torres about his childhood, his family and how he came into this country illegally. Miguel shared stories about moments with his mother changing...

Josefina goes to Milwaukee

This interview was about the journey of my mother moving from Mexico to Milwaukee.

Mi Abuelita Nacha y su vida

i talked to my grandmother about her life from when she was a child to when she got married and had children and how modern the world is today

Mom’s Interview

It was interview based on how she sees life after a few events and how she met my father.

Christmas in Mexico

In this interview, we talked about Christmas in Mexico and traditions regarding it.

My mother’s immigration story

My mother came into the United States as a teenager. She came in illegally but worked very hard to get her papers.

Mi Abuelita sobre la vida en Mapimi

My grandmother talks about her time growing up in a small Mining village in Ojuela, where the Roebling brothers built one of their famous bridges


My Jefa and I wanted to talk about some old stories and ask a few questions.Not all questions were asked since she wanted to keep a few private,which is understandable.

Worlds Greatest Father, Colin Sherrill

From riding his bike as a child through downtown Danville, California to chasing wild boars through the Amazon jungle with his two daughters, 51 year old Colin Sherrill takes us through his childhood as well as the struggles and succeses...

Interview with Mom

In this interview I will be asking my mom questions of how her childhood was like growing up and life in general

The Thanksgiving Listen- inter mom

We talked about how her life was before. Also how she was before she moved to California. Another thing is why she move to California.

The great Thanksgiving listen

It was mainly focusing on him and his past childhood. It was also talking about his struggles and how he overcame them

Selia Rendon talks to her dad about his childhood, and career.

Selia interviews her dad about his childhood and career. Adrian Rendon is her dad, and he has a lot to say about his first experiences, and gives advise about relationships and careers.

My dad’s life

My fathers takes me through his life. The happiest/saddest moments etc.

Arturo Huerta and Arturo Huerta

Father and son duo, Arturo Huerta, Sr. (56) and Arturo Huerta, Jr. (28), discuss Arturo Sr.'s transition to the United States from Mexico and the businesses he established here.

Jennifer Moreno talks about what she’s grateful for as she reminisces life as a migrant

In this interview, Liz Plata (19) interviews her friend Jennifer Moreno (20) about her perspective on Thanksgiving as a Latina. She elaborates on how her family celebrates Christmas more than Thanksgiving as a result of being from Mexico, where they...