Senior-to-Senior Project. Felipa Caballero.

In this interview I had the pleasure to speak to a really strong woman who sees so much positivity in life even though having faced a lot of struggles.

Memorias De Mi Abuelita

My grandma talks about her childhood and how she came to be. Her life has not always been easy but shes a strong woman.

Interviewing Daniel

I interviewed my boyfriend Daniel. He’s usually really awkward so I first asked him a few basic questions as a warm up and then went on to ask a bit more serious ones.

My brother

We talk about out grandfather’s influence

Tijuana, Tequila, & Troubles

Daughter interviews Mom about her freshman year of college spring break trip to Tijuana, Mexico.

Paul Serrano, Sara Clark Serrano, and Paul Serrano

Paul Serrano, Jr. (31) interviews his parents Paul Serrano, Sr. [no age given] and Sara Clark Serrano [no age given] about their upbringings, their business at the Grand Central Market, and their aspirations.

Natalia Horcasitas and Richard Horcasitas

Natalia Horcasitas (40) and her brother Richard Horcasitas (43) share memories of growing up in Yuma and having a tight knit community of neighbors and friends.

The life of my great grandfather

It was about how my great grandfather was alive during the Mexican revolution. Then when he was older he told my dad that people were stealing from each other and how he would try to help.

Rosario Cervantes and Andrew Cervantes

Rosario Cervantes (66) talks with her son Andrew Cervantes (44) about how her childhood healthcare provider was a veterinarian since the doctors were not affordable, and how she learned effective home remedies from the family's midwife.

Andrea Garcia & Rosa Velasquez

This interview was about me asking my mother some questions about her childhood, her journey coming here to America and other topics.

Crossing the Border

We talked about the story of how my dad came to the US. He brought up his ups and downs and told me his obstacles. He talked about his family and how coming to the US impacted him. He also...

Interview with my sister

This interview is with my sister and it mostly talks about what she does for living and where she’s from and it also talks about her education such as what she is studying for and what schools she has gone...

My mom comes from Mexico to Milwaukee

We talked about how my mom experienced a change in her life.

Father and Daughter
November 25, 2018 App Interview

I ask my dad about his childhood, family, and his life growing up.

Interview with my aunt

My aunt talked about her life when she was younger, and how much her parents impacted her

Thanksgiving Listening Part 2

Memories of family, coming to the U.S for the first time, opinions on job, and what was life like back then in a village or in Mexico.

Joel talks to his dad Jose about his past life.

In this interview, Jose talks to Joel about his past life and the sacrifices he had to make to come to the U.S. Talked about his goals before getting to America was. His dreams and childhood.

Interviewing my dad

What was talked about was my fathers childhood, what he thinks of the world, what he thinks of me and what he thinks it means to be successful. We also added addition questions to questions like “where did you grow...

Me mum

I basically just talked to my mom about her life, reflecting on it, and asking what it was like immigrating and living in Mexico