Interview with my dad Carlos

I sat down with my dad and asked him questions about his past and his memories.

Interview with Omar Villalobos

We talked a lot about past memories and what his hopes are for the future. We also talked a lot about family.

Lawyer Life

I interviewed my dad for about 10 minutes and asked him about his life. He describes how he grew up and what it’s like to be a lawyer.

Vivian Arenado interview

Family is the main focus of this interview and what it means for my mother.


How my brothers family is. What he wants for the country.

Interviewing My Dad!

In this interview i ask my dad questions about his past and his wishes for me in the future.

Memories with Mom

My mom, Scarleth Vargas, recalls her life with her daughter.

Interview with my dad

we talked about his childhood and how certain events have shaped him

Coming from Cuba

My grandma and great grandma talking about their life and how they came to the United States from Cuba

Interview with Ernie Mendez

This interview talks about my dads life when he moved from Cuba to the United States and how it influenced him.

Interview by Colin Martin with his grandmother

I asked my grandmother Lillian Martin questions about her work life and career. She told me about many stories and cases she had to deal with as well as the prejudice against women when she was a reporter that inspired...

Gina Livingston and Decio Rubano

Gina Livingston (40) interviews her father Decio "Dez" Rubano (91) about the role playing drums in bands and orchestras has had in his life, and Dez relates many stories about the interesting experiences he has had as a result of...

Interviewing my dad

I was getting to know more about my dad's past and how his parents were which was cool because I have never met them before.

Interview with Natalie

This interview is about my mother’s favorite hobby. Throughout the audio recording she goes on to explain about her butterfly garden.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Alex Corrales P.5

I learned many things that I did not know from my grandmother.I did not know that she was very poor as a child. I also did not know that she enjoyed going to school in Cuba. I learned that she...