The life experiences and regrets of marvin morales

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Miami, Florida, Angeline Morales(13) interviews her dad Marvin Morales(53) about his younger self and how it was growing up back then. they also talk about life regrets and accomplishments.

Family oral history

I spoke to my paternal grandma about her early life, school, family, faith, and immigration.

Interview with Rosy

An interview about my mother, Rosy’s, life.

Interview with my mom.

we discussed moving to a different country, comparing countries, and seeking challenges. we also went over all the hardships my mom has encountered in her life.

Interview with Mom

General questions about her life experience and advice.

Interview with Mario Del Foyo

This interview was about my grandfather and all the memories he has had in his life. He told me many stories from his childhood, from his life with my grandma, work life, and life after my mon was born!

Austin Barraza and Mary Barraza

Austin Barraza (27) interviews his grandmother Mary Barraza (84) about her life, including her childhood, her parents, and being a mother.

Theology IV : Interview Faris

We talked about how faith is important in a relationship and the advice he would give others.

Regaining My Life From Peer Influence.

A developmental Story Corp interview on peer influence on the life of a young African American woman.

Interview with Michael Yetter

In this interview we discussed the transition from high school to college and the real world

The story of how my dad almost got attacked by a shark.

When my dad was in his younger years he was playing volleyball in South Florida. Because he had been playing for hours he had bloody feet from the sand. In this interview he shares with me how the current of...

Best interview

This has been the best interview ever. I really enjoyed it especially having the interview with my mom.

My Grandpa, James Addison Hinman

This is my grandpa, James Addison Hinman. This interview was to show the life of my grandpa from upstate New York all the way to when he was the father of my dad. The interview goes through childhood, school, the...

Interview of my dad

Interview of my dad where he explains how his family especially his mother has been the kindest to him. He shares the earliest childhood memory which was the earthquake of 1972 in Nicaragua. He wants people to remember him as...

Interview with Ingrid Thys

I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with a loved family member. Her name is Ingrid Thys and she is my aunt and God Mother.

Great Thanksgiving Listen With My Grandma

In this interview, conducted in Miami, Florida on November 26,2017, I ask my grandma(Maria Romero) about her childhood and things that have impacted her life.