Isabel Fleitas and Her Parents Immigrate from Cuba

At age 10, after 5 years of hardship, sacrifice, and intimidation under the Fidel Castro Regime, Isabel Fleitas Gruba (62), her mother, Pastora Lopez Fleitas , and her father, Gonzalo Fleitas (93) board a Freedom Flight to Miami in 1970...

Ava Steaffens and Jessica Prechtl

Growing up in Miami as Cuban and French Canadian first-generation immigrant and life on Balboa Penninsula.

A conversation with mami

A conversation with my mom in Spanish about her life and her feelings as a mother.

Interview with mom

Here I interviewed my mom and we talked about her favorite food and the things she loves most

Interview With Abuela

I interview my grandma on her life and the story of how she immigrated to America from Cuba. She faced many hardships in her childhood such as poverty and war but persevered and has made a great life for her...

Interview with Mima

We spoke about her life in Nicaragua and lessons learned

brunch with daymi

I was lucky enough to be able to ask my mother questions about her journey to the United States from cuba. She explained the struggles and beauties she encountered throughout this process and how she was able to grow as...

Interview with Tiffany Fonseca

Nina Fonseca, age 18, interviewed her mom, Tiffany Fonseca, 55 years old. The interview was conducted on May 7th, 2023. It took place in Miami, Fl. Nina and Tiffany discussed Tiffany’s life growing up in Kentucky and the life lessons...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Carina Fernandez (48) is being interviewed by her daughter, Sol Fernandez (13). Carina talks about her teenage years in Argentina, her personal opinions, and her family now living in Miami.

Mario Reposo and Ursula Stock

One Small Step partners Mario Reposo (66) and Ursula Stock (65) share about their upbringing and discuss their political beliefs on topics such as police reform, white collar crime, and climate change.

Conversando con mi Abuela // Talking with my Grandmother

Intrevistando mi Abuela y preguntando algunas cosas sobre su vida como sus momentos mas orgullosos y lecciones que ha aprendido. // Interviewing my Grandmother and asking a some questions about her life like her proudest moments and life lessons she's...

Oral History Project

I, Melissa Fernandez-Tejera, interviewed my mother, Ilka Tejera, who is 46 at the time of recording. The questions pertained mostly to how she lived her life and the memories she’s made along the way. The interview finishes off with her...