Tim Millis Sr.

I talked with my Pawpaw on a lot of past experiences and how his childhood life was. We also discussed his careers and family.

Interview with Mima

We spoke about her life in Nicaragua and lessons learned

Tim Millis Sr.

I talked with my grandpa especially on what his life was like as a child. We also discussed his careers and family members too.

Memories with Mom

My mom, Scarleth Vargas, recalls her life with her daughter.

Best interview

This has been the best interview ever. I really enjoyed it especially having the interview with my mom.

Interview with Dole

I interviewed my mother, Dole McCormick. We talked about her childhood in the Philippines, how she ended up in the United States, her parents, and her marriage.

Betty Mims

My grandma, Betty Mims, told me about her life growing up in Florida. Her family a constant and her love for servicing her community were both staples in her life.

Eduardo Mendez

Eduardo Mendez is a husband and a father of three. His shares with me his values for life, love, and happiness.

An Interview with Pa

An interview with my grandpa who lived a simple and proud life of love, marriage, and family.

Adelina Taylor talks about stories of her life, marriage,and family.

Adelina Grande Taylor talks about her early childhood and her family background. She talks about World War II and her memories of it. She talks about her late husband telling stories about him and how they met. She speaks of...

Interview with Barbara McDaniel

This interview was talked about my grandfather and how he got to this country. My grandmother and how she got to this country and a little bit about my mom.

Interview with Chani

We talked about what past experiences have made her into the person she is today. What makes her happy and what she wishes for her children and descendants.

Oral History Project With my Dad

This interview is for an Oral History Project for my Creative Writing class. I am recording this interview in Miami, Florida for Saint Brendan High School. In this interview with my dad, Jose Cisneros, I dive into topics such as...

Interviewing Abby

I interviewed my grandmother, Annie Sanchez-Medio. She gave me the story of her life and we applied it to our family today.

Thanksgiving interview #greatthanksgivinglisten2017 #miami #poncedeleonmiddleschool

We spoke about my grandmothers interest and about the people who have mostly impacted her life.