Story Corps English 10 Interview :Drew Lake

We talked about things that he did/does in the military, we talked about how things he thought was one way, but turned out to be different.

Interviewing my mom

I interviewed my mom about her childhood and a little about her job

Ellie Gatewood’s interview with Karen Sturges

My grandmother talked about various stories about her childhood and stories in her life. A lot of what came up were very important life lessons we can all live by

Madison and Sarah discuss preparing for the climate emergency

We talk about ambiguity of what the climate emergency means to us and how it is difficult to conceptualize what the future will look like. Madison discusses personal methods of reflection and how lessons can be taken from the current...

Alexia Williams and her mother Tisha Williams discuss her experiences as a woman from adolescence to present time.

In this interview conducted in November 2021 in Ypsilanti, MI, Alexia Williams (22) interviews her mother Tisha Williams (47) about growing up as a woman and her personal experiences with this. Tisha discusses personal stories as well as learning moments...

The Great Thanksgiving listen featuring my Uncle!
December 11, 2019 App Interview

My uncle described his life while he was in Lebanon, and the tragedies he had to face while he was over there. I think everyone can learn a very important lesson from this interview: “Work hard and you will be...

Sabrina King and Stephanie Williams

Sabrina King (20) interviews Stephanie Williams (51) about her experience organizing and advocating for her community, reflecting on the barriers she has overcome as a Black woman in politics and the importance of representation. In 2018, Stephanie became the first...

Wisdom of elders

I interviewed my mom who talked about her life growing up and who influenced her.

The Story of David Fox
December 28, 2022 App Interview

David Fox, 80. We discussed growing up poor, regrets, happiest moments in life, etc.

Sharon Strus: Selfless Mother, Former Catholic Nun, & Polka Accordion Star. The story of a life of humble choices & great outcomes.

Sharon's storied life starts in Michigan, shipping off to the convent at age 13, finding herself in her 20s, then marrying a Polish bus driver in her 30s, and starting a new life chapter. Gain the wisdom of a woman...

Bob Burgess shares details of his life from childhood to fatherhood, and how things can change.

In this interview conducted in December of 2017, Alex Burgess interviews her grandfather Bob Burgess about his life as a child, husband, and father. Mr. Burgess shares some of his favorite stories about his 3 kids growing up in Niskayuna,...

A conversation with my grandmother

She talks about her past and her family and then she addresses this story I’ve been waiting to hear for weeks.

William Kirst and Maggie Halpern discuss preparing for the climate emergency.

William and Maggie discuss what a neighborhood near M-14 could look like in 2030, when neighbors come together to exercise their power and make the neighborhood better able to face the climate crisis.

Cindy Yawkey and Jennifer Ray

Friends and coworkers Cindy Yawkey (58) and Jennifer Ray (71) sit down to talk about their love of history and storytelling and about the work they do at the Underground Railroad Society of Cass County (URSCC).

Part 2 Hagop (Jack) Hagopian circa 1989

Wrap up statements from 1989 recording when I was 17 and Uncle Jack was 62.

Rochelle Williams and Charles Williams

Rochelle Williams (55) speaks with her husband Charles Williams (53) about her family’s history in Plateau, AL, also known as Africatown. The two discuss the new attention the community is receiving in light of the discovery of the Clotilda ship...