Michael and Brad Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Brad Becker interviews Michael Kantor about his thoughts on climate change and resource decent. Michael discusses how he and others can cope with the effects.

Valerie Yang and Jiu Won’s Interview about Jiu’s Life So Far

This interview took place at Detroit Country Day Middle School between Valerie Yang and Jiu Won. It was recorded on April 26, 2018. The topics we talked about were broad and regarded our lives so far.

Ellie Gatewood’s interview with Karen Sturges

My grandmother talked about various stories about her childhood and stories in her life. A lot of what came up were very important life lessons we can all live by

Me and Grandpa (Mason and Richard)

Me and my grandfather discuss some of the current issues with busing and student assignment.

Allison and Mrinalini discuss preparing for the climate emergency
November 15, 2021 App Interview

Alli Kasparek (21) talks with team member, Mrinalini Gupta (20), about ways for people to cope with climate change, resource descent, and the climate anxiety created by both. Alli shares the power of engagement and active living in coping with...

How my mom came to the United States

Kattia immigrated to the U.S because for a better life for her two children in Costa Rica. A scary part into coming to the U.S was never seeing her children again.

Spanish Final

We talked about why she wanted to become a teacher, travel, etc.

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked of an overview of my mothers life growing up and her own mother.

Life As It Goes, Anisha Kumar having a conversation with her mother

Anisha Kumar (15) interviews her mom, Alka Kumar (45) in Swartz Creek, Michigan in November of 2018. Ms.Kumar talks about growing up with not much and being in a community, in which having darker skin singles you out. She also...

Selina Cervantes Interview with Grandmother Victoria (Dryja) Cervantes About What It Was Like To Grow Up In The 60’s

In this interview, conducted in November 2021, I (Selina Cervantes, 24) interview my Grandmother (Victoria Cervantes, 77) about what life was like when she was a girl compared to girls lives and upbringing since. We talk about her opinion on...

A conversation with my grandmother

She talks about her past and her family and then she addresses this story I’ve been waiting to hear for weeks.

Interview with Robert Campbell

Bob Campbell talks about living and growing up through the 1940’s-Late 1960’s. He lived during the Great Depression and served in the Marine Corps.