Full circle

A brief interview with my dad Daniel about his childhood and short time in the US Air Force.

Interviewing my mom

I interviewed my mom about her childhood and a little about her job

Who is Sam?

We discuss the dynamic of our relationship and life experiences that shaped sams life.

Leah Aureli Interviewing Charles Wells

Me and my grandfather talked about his childhood and how he grew up. We also mentioned his time in the military and how it was significant in his life.

A conversation with my father in law

This interview was done for my Study of Fiction class. It was a great experience and also really fun to do!

The Great Thanksgiving listen featuring my Uncle!
December 11, 2019 App Interview

My uncle described his life while he was in Lebanon, and the tragedies he had to face while he was over there. I think everyone can learn a very important lesson from this interview: “Work hard and you will be...

A conversation with my grandmother

She talks about her past and her family and then she addresses this story I’ve been waiting to hear for weeks.

Interview with BB

I interviewed my grandmother about her life as a child, teenager, and adult.

Josh Higginson interviewing his grandma and grandpa

I interview mostly my grandpa with help from my mom and grandma. We talk about where he grew up, his time in the air Force, meeting my grandma, and moving to America.

Caroline Shee and stepfather Chris Ouellette talk about his childhood in Michigan and his adventures leading to Texas.

In this interview, conducted in December 2018 in Plano, Texas, Caroline Shee (16) interviews her stepfather Chris Ouellette (58) about his childhood in Bay City, Michigan (home of the Bay City Rollers!!). Mr. Ouellette shares stories about his siblings and...


My grandma answers questions about her life in Michigan, meeting her husband, and experiencing a life full of God.

Madison and Sarah discuss preparing for the climate emergency

We talk about ambiguity of what the climate emergency means to us and how it is difficult to conceptualize what the future will look like. Madison discusses personal methods of reflection and how lessons can be taken from the current...

Practice interview

Liv shared her story about what she wants to be when she grows up and how her childhood was like.

Sam and Morgan discuss building resiliency in a climate crisis
November 12, 2021 App Interview

Morgan discusses the personal impacts of the climate crisis and how it impacts her mental health, induces stress, and reduces her attentional capacity for other things. We then discuss effective ways to deal with the exacerbated stress and cope with...