Jeremy Arndt and Kathleen "Katie" Rice

Jeremy Arndt (34) talks with StoryCorps intern, Katie Rice (22), about his late grandfather’s life and military service in World War II.

Life As It Goes, Anisha Kumar having a conversation with her mother

Anisha Kumar (15) interviews her mom, Alka Kumar (45) in Swartz Creek, Michigan in November of 2018. Ms.Kumar talks about growing up with not much and being in a community, in which having darker skin singles you out. She also...

Leah Aureli Interviewing Charles Wells

Me and my grandfather talked about his childhood and how he grew up. We also mentioned his time in the military and how it was significant in his life.

Jackson Simmons interviewing his grandma, Suzon Simmons, about how the world has changed through the years of her life.

My grandma, Suzon Simmoms, and myself, Jackson Simmons, sat down at her house in Flint, Michigan, on Sunday, November 25, 2018, and talked about her life. My grandma is 76 years old. She has been through a lot and has...

Over the phone with Marmie

My Grandma tells me what it was like when she was young in Michigan as well as stories about my ancestors. She also shared some of her favorite memories of me and my mom.

UMD Activation Academy: Sentinel Swamp

She is very passionate about preversing the environment, both in community service with Scholars in Action and in her studies as an Environmental Science and Policy major. Her AP Environmental class in high school and her experience of one of...

Thanksgiving listen.

My mother and I have many memories but we are also very close.

Me and Grandpa (Mason and Richard)

Me and my grandfather discuss some of the current issues with busing and student assignment.

A “Wanderful” Childhood

An unconventional childhood has interesting stories and tales that entertain people for generations, like the stories of David Beedon. On November 25th, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, Eric Beedon interviews his father David Beedon on his past. His childhood is...

Interviews With Grandparents

On Thanksgiving, my family comes together and we eat lunch together and have the leftovers for dinner. Between these two times, I interviewed my biological Grandma and my Great-Grandpa who was married into the family.


Listening to my grandmas stories and hearing her views on life and family.

Alicia Osborn and Jeanine Coursen talk about memories from Jeanine’s childhood.

On November 21st, Alicia Osborn (15) and her mom Jeanine Coursen (51) talk about funny memories from Jeanine’s childhood. Jeanine talks about many of the jobs that she’s had and what was her most/least favorite. Jeanine talks about funny stories...

Abier Najm shares stories, and wisdom from her childhood for listeners in the future.

Abier Najm(46) speaks to her son, Omar Abdalla(15), about her childhood life. She speaks about the struggles she went through living in an oppressive society in fear of the government and how she pushed through it. Both funny and sad,...