Curating the Quarantine

Diving into how the Coronavirus has affected the community through the lenses of Seth Paradis.

“We were our own little support group”

Growing up in a family of eight, Lolly and her older brother, Tom, had the same congenital eye disease. He started a high-end cab company and three radio stations, ran for public office, and was a model for Lolly, showing...

Grandma Mona, Minneapolis, MN – Xmas Eve 2019

Grandma Mona is the matriarch of the Johnson/ Sulzbach family. I just married into the family & don’t have any living grandparents so capturing those interview was so valuable to me.

US history adult interview

I ask my dad some questions about how he feels about history.

Ed Flahavan

A brief look at the three lives of a social justice activist, former priest and ex-communicated Catholic. My grand uncle, Ed Flahavan, reflects on his formative years, spirituality, and family.

Memories of My Mother

I sat with my mom and my dog and took trip down memory lane.


I interviewed my mom on the impact corona virus has had on herself and those around her. I’m doing this as a school assignment as a way to be educated about the current events going on.

Great Thanksgiving Listen w/ Auntie Miss

Talking with my aunt about regrets, lessons, school, and elections. Listening about strength through the hard times. Learning about sicknesses and how hard it can be. Learning about a valuable person. Listening and learning to love!

Nancy Richings – Interview #3: More Childhood Memories

More stories from Nancy Richings’ childhood - NO NEED TO LISTEN PAST 30:26. There was an error but it kept recording.

Interviewing my Mom

We talked about challenges in my moms generation and how cute a kid I was.

Terry and Patricia Hammink Interview

I, Andrew Hall, interviewed my two maternal grandparents about their lives. They talked about what was most meaningful to them and how life turned out differently than they had expected.

Dee Ann Tumbuan and Ellie Tumbuan

Sisters Dee Ann Tumbuan (39) and Ellie Tumbuan (42) discuss their childhood, moving around the country, summertime road trips and positive influential women from their parents' church, life lessons and their good friend Steve.

The Day My Parents Told Stories

Rhonda Lancaster interviews her parents, Ron and Julie (Yackel) Allen, at her home with Jim Lancaster. They talk about how they met and married, their early life together, and then what they remember about the early years with children.

Interview: Grandpa

my grandpa and i talk about his life and what impacted him throughout the years