Allan Smith and Tim Murphy

One Small Step conversation partners Allan "Dale" Smith (63) and Tim Murphy (30) discuss their upbringing, transformative experiences that have informed their politics, and their "core issues."

Dennis Lynn Russell Feb 12 1947

Dennis Russell 75 talks about his childhood through being drafted and finally being a city planner for Green Bay, Minneapolis, and more.

Don Atkins: Growing Up in Rural Minnesota & Enlisting in the Navy (1935-1948)

Donald W. Atkins talks to daughter Michelle Atkins about growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota in the 1930s. Interview recorded in 2008 as part of the inaugural National Day of Listening.

Madonna Thunder Hawk and Savannah Winchester

Madonna Thunder Hawk (82) tells new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Savannah Winchester (31) about her childhood and experiences in government boarding schools. She remembers an early calling to protect for the more vulnerable around her. Madonna speaks about the basic...

My Yiayia

A lot of what was talked about was family and the importance of it. Also we talked about Yiayia’s relationship with her parents and what they did together.

Grandma Hall Interview

I spoke with my Grandma Hall, who is my mom's mother. I asked her questions about her younger life and the moments that make her who she is today.

Manjari Bua

Kush Sahai, a 13 year-old interviews his 62 year-old aunt Manjari Sahai about her family, childhood, and others who have been kind to her in her life so far.

Hester Marlowe's Arrival in Europe Following WWII

Hester Marlowe describes her life leading up to her journey to post-World War II Europe and recounts her experiences there.

Ari Witkin, Cindy Witkin, and Jean Rivkin

Ari Witkin (34) speaks with his mother, Cindy Witkin (63), and grandmother Jean Witkin (89) on their varying intergenerational experiences growing up Jewish, family characters, and Jean's involvement philanthropically.

John Bipes

Dad’s life growing up in Southern Minnesota, Being drafted into the military police, his young married life and his growth in the Lutheran faith.

Winter Storytime

I asked Jontae about his thoughts on Winter. He ended up telling a story about a bet he took to stay outside for a week in a tent. Find out how it went...

Feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic:

Letzy Suquilanda (14) talks with her little sister, Kady Suquilanda (13) and asks her questions of how she is reacting and feeling throughout this COVID-19 pandemic.

Kpop interview

We talked about how i got into Kpop and which one was my favorite Kpop group

The Day My Parents Told Stories

Rhonda Lancaster interviews her parents, Ron and Julie (Yackel) Allen, at her home with Jim Lancaster. They talk about how they met and married, their early life together, and then what they remember about the early years with children.