Ben bloom and his grandmother talk about her life.

In this interview conducted in Andover, MN, Ben Bloom (14)interviews his grandmother, carole (71) about how she greww up all over the United States. Carole lived in WA, TX, and other states, her favorite state is hawaii. She has held...

Grandma Rose

My grandma’s family was very musical, and were proud alumni of St. Olaf College. Her love for music was passed on to my sister and I, and she is very proud of hers and our achievements.

Our Family Legacy with My Grandma

My grandma, Carol, talks about our past and what she thinks will be our future.

Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 22, 2017 App Interview

This is an interview with my grandmother, Patricia Ryan Hennen. She was born on July 31, 1944 in Farmington, Minnesota. She grew up as the oldest child in a house full of brothers. Though she has gone through a lot,...

My Grandpa’s Amazing Life

In this interview, I talked to my grandpa about his life, jobs, family, and childhood. He shared with me some of his many amazing experiences like the time he traveled all the way to Africa to help people, the time...

Migration Interview

I enjoy listening to my mom. Althought that I stumbled on translating, just listening to them was great!

My Grandma Ginger

My grandma is a great role model for all of us grandchildren. She told me about my dad, about living in Minnesota, and she gave us some good advice

Michel Newman talks about her childhood and how she would like to be remembered.

Interviewing my neighbor in her house about her life and childhood. November 24th 2017 at 11:25ish. We talked about her life struggles and what some of her favorite memories are. Michel and her family are our backyard neighbors, they moved...

Mary Josephine Konkel

Jerry, Jeff and Marge Konkel talking about their fondest memories of Jo Konkel.

Finding Meaning in Work and Life: Interview with Kevin Winge
September 12, 2018 App Interview

Interview with Kevin Winge of Minnesota discussing his many years working within the non-profit sector across various issues such as AIDS, HIV, food security, and about what inspires him to continue working.

Emma’s happy memory

Emmas memory of the time she went camping for the first time and an important realization.

Dad and Gene Baker talk about Control Data

Bob Price and Gene Baker talk about their early careers at Control Data Corporation. They have been friends for over 55 years.

Christmas traditions

My mom and I talked about her Christmas when she was younger and now.

Experiences of a Hmong American student in the United States

Interview with a young Hmong American man about his family history and his own experiences growing up in America.

Susheel Vishwa’s Grandpa’s story part 3

We talked a lot about some life lessons that my grandpa has gone through and how important health is, in order to live a long and happy life. We also talked about important it is to be safe while driving.

Vaccine interview

Grandparent stories about vaccines and the positive impact it had on their lives.