All about naye

This interview is about ajanaye and her childhood. How she got her nick names, how she wants to be remembered.

Bev Freimuth 7.23.2020

A good interview to talk about Grandma Bev’s life, childhood and family.

An Interview With My Dad

Today I will be interviewing my own father. We are very different but at the end we just got to know each other a little more.

“We were our own little support group”

Growing up in a family of eight, Lolly and her older brother, Tom, had the same congenital eye disease. He started a high-end cab company and three radio stations, ran for public office, and was a model for Lolly, showing...

Posterior Cortical Atrophy Part I

Brandon Lewis interviews his father, Jerald Lewis, about their family's experience with Susan Lewis's Posterior Cortical Atrophy.

Stories shared for the first time

We talked about stories from our past and how we can relate them to each other.

The Story of a Vanishing Culture

My mother and I talk about her childhood growing up as a Hmong individual that immigrated from Laos. We talk about Hmong culture and what it means to us and the relevance of Hmong today.

Interview With My Grandma

We talked about my grandma’s childhood, and her life growing up. We talked about our family’s background and some of her favorite memories/ proudest moments.

Experiences of a Hmong American student in the United States

Interview with a young Hmong American man about his family history and his own experiences growing up in America.

Caleb’s Life

Some stories from the childhood of Caleb Kroeze

Talking to my mom about her life and mine

My mother and I have had different lives growing up but at the end of the day we pretty much value the same things

Alli’s Interview MLCIntro2019SPRING

This is an interview of Sophie Leng who is from China and is now training to be a teacher in Minnesota. She talks about the blessings and challenges of learning new cultures.

Me interviewing my parents.

Achieving dreams and following your dreams and believing in yourself and not to have so many regrets.

My Grandpa’s Amazing Life

In this interview, I talked to my grandpa about his life, jobs, family, and childhood. He shared with me some of his many amazing experiences like the time he traveled all the way to Africa to help people, the time...