Experience as an Expatriate

I talk with my great aunt about her job and education in the PI, her experience as an OFW/Expat, and how it contributed to her success and stability in America.

Interview with my Dad

I interview my dad about his life from when he was a child to present time. He also talks about his parents, grandparents, and childhood. My dad later talks about being in the military and his job experience.

Puzzles Fit

This interview is about Sean Dagdag and Jared Reyes’ story about their own clothing brand, Puzzles Fit, they go into how they came up with the name, what they are going to do in the future, and many other exclusive...

Not following my Dad’s footsteps

Conversation with my father about his not so traditional beliefs in relationships and love.

Grandma talks about WW2

I interviewed my grandmother about her life during World War Two. Jan-Ericson Milan, Period 2.

Dad’s childhood and escaping from Vietnam to the US

The story from birth to now. And I think I said the wrong date during the interview. Whoops

The Lifestory of Tracey Bennett

My mother Tracey Wrightson shares the story of growing up in a small Indiana home and beginning her career in private financial contracting after meeting my father.

Interview with Mama Elsa

This interview went over the many aspects of getting used to life in America from the Phillipines.