I interviewed my Grandmother, my father’s mom. Judy was born during the depression and is 81 years old. She had a happy life with little regrets.

Halle and Michael Horn talk about her earliest memories.

Michael Horn interviewed his daughter Halle A. Horn on August 18, 2019 in Branson, Missouri. She says she wants to be a YouTube star or a lawyer.

Carol Wingate – 9.29.19

Granny Carol’s life, childhood, passions, and recent cancer diagnosis

Steve McDowell discusses his childhood and his life as dad, husband, and businessman

Steve McDowell (56), father of Marigrace McDowell (16) explains his favorite memories from his childhood, of his parents, and of his kids. He gives advice about how perserverence and perspective are key to becoming successful and feeing content. He elaborated...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This was an interview about what my Dads life was like. It was also about his Ancestors and relatives and what they did.

Interview with Cleamont Sheeley

We talked about parts of his early childhood,and American history. Also we talked about Grandma sheeley and his kids.

Family Heritage interview

Rod Squire (father) talks about his old traditions, ancestors, and even sings a traditional song that he has shared with our family.

How do beauty ideals affect us?

This interview is with my little sister asking about what her stance on beauty ideals, how they affect, and how they affect other women.

Who’s Your Daddy

Asking my mom about my real dad because I never got to know about him much until now.

Reflections from my mother

My mom and I talked about her life so far and how her job and life influences her everyday life

Questions for Grandma

Grandma tells me about her early life growing up, her family, and some important insights she's picked up throughout her life.

The path to a great achievement.

This is an interview about the top malaysian amateur golfer, her experiences and family.