George Boniface and Helene Frankel

George Boniface [no age given] and Helene Frankel (73) tell their love story, growing from longtime friendship into something more on a camping trip in the Ozarks.

Anna Pianfetti Eccher and Maggie Judson

Mother and daughter Anna Pianfetti Echer (59) and Maggie Judson (40) discuss their family member Rose being placed into a mental institution at seventeen years old and never being seen or heard from again. Anna uncovered the truth about this...

Dave Scott and Keith Hardin

Keith Hardin (69) interviews his friend Dave Scott (74) about his career fighting wildfires for the U.S. Forest Service and about how the wildfires he fought inspired his book, "The Fury of the Beast."

ELA interview

My mom and I talked a lot about being grateful for every day you are here!

Joseph Neumann and Jennifer Samborski

One Small Step Conversation partners Joseph "Joe" [No name given] (52) and Jennifer "Jen" [No name given](48) talk about their faith, working in law enforcement and the importance of conversations to find understanding.

Susan Dakorson Addresses The Sad Fact of What It's Like For A Young African American Girl Dealing With The Ideal Hair Standard In America.

I interviewed 21-year-old Susan Dakorson who also goes by Susie, a close friend of mine, of what it was like growing up in America dealing with and breaking the ideal Hair standard in American society for African American women. Susie...

Opal Jones and Brenda Armour

Brenda Armour [no age given] speaks to her colleague Opal Jones [no age given] about working at Cooper House, a place to house and support people with HIV and AIDS.

Candi Lordo and Franny Hall Pasbach

Friends Candi Lordo (64) and Franny Hall Pasbach (64) celebrate their 50th friendiversary by talking about their shared childhood memories and expressing the meaning of friendship.

Calvin and Danda Thrasher

Calvin (15) Is the son of Dana (42) and are talking about Dana's life experiences.

Bronwyn Miller and Maleica [No Name Given]

Friends Bronwyn Miller [no age given] and Maleica [No Name Given] [no age given] discuss Maleica having HIV, survival, and hope.

Roberta Hudlow and Jennifer Staed

Jennifer Staed (55) interviews her friend Roberta Hudlow (86) about her childhood, time as a teacher, religion, her relationship with God, values, and hopes for the future.

Barbara Brown-Johnson and Michelle Lane

Colleagues Michelle "Micki" Lane (51) and Barbara Brown-Johnson (70) interview one another about their time and experiences at The Child Advocacy Center.

Amanda [No Name Given] and Jax Ward

One Small Step Partners Amanda [No Name Given] (49) and Jax Ward (51) talk about their upbringings, how their personal and professional experiences have shaped their world-views, and how to celebrate diversity in the city of Fresno, California.

Simone Johnson-Smith and Cynthia Farrell Johnson

Longtime friends and former colleagues Cynthia Farrell Johnson [no age given] and Simone Waveney Johnson-Smith [no age given] talk about Simone’s family history, her education and career, and what being a mom means to her.

Day 47 – COVID-19 Stay at Home

An ongoing audio journal of observations, thoughts, fears of the pandemic in our lives currently.

Jaclyn Schwartz and Catherine Hoyt

Friends and coworkers Jaclyn Schwartz (36) and Catherine Hoyt (38) reflect on their experience as women in science, discussing some of the challenges they face as women in their field.

Rachel Ebeling and Sean Ebeling

Husband and wife Sean Ebeling (54) and Rachel Ebeling (53) tell their story together, Music at First Sight. They reflect on how music has tied them, their lives, and their family together through good times and bad.

Tom Wiley and Jack Fugitt

Tom Wiley (56) interviews his father-in-law, Jack Fugitt (81), about growing up in rural Missouri, the sense of community he fostered as an insurance manager, and the joy he has brought to those who know him.

Interview with my Grandpa Cook

A short interview with my dad's father. We talked about his life and some important things that he has learned.