The Great Listen 2019 (Thanksgiving Listen)
December 1, 2019 App Interview

This interview was about my uncles life and what he has learned from his experiences. it can also be seen as a bit of advice to younger listeners.

Christmas 2019 Brickey Sibs – Suzi interviewing Teri

Teri and I talked about the importance of family, relationships, work, and health.

It’s Family: A Conversation Between Two Co-Managers

Greg and I worked together for five years at the St. Louis Bread Company in St. Charles, Missouri. We grew very close in our time together. Sit down with us in the cafe for a conversation about our work together....


We talked about family, different choices and religion and different beliefs.

Mrs.Shaffer and I talking about experiences

We just had a normal conversation between a student and teacher.

Interview with Dad – Amra Seferovic

We briefly talked about his life and what it was like. We also talked about his experiences and how he has learned from them. The person in the picture is my brother, Amar (18).

Great Listen with EJ Johnson
December 14, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in December 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri. Kendall Vickers (18) interviews her friend EJ Johnson (20) about anything from past jobs to hockey to her dogs. EJ goes into detail about her past jobs and everything...

My mom and I (Patricia and Madelyn Birkhead) talk about her experiences growing up and her family in Missouri.

This interview, made in November 2017 in O'Fallon, Missouri, Madelyn (15) interviews her mother (50) about her childhood and her experiences growing up as well as her experiences later in life. She shares her memories of her friends and relatives....

Mom’s life statement

In this interview, conducted in November 26, 2017 in Kansas City, MO, Yesenia Mejia 16 interviews her mom lexi Mejia 37 her about life & how it’s been for my mom lexi as a child to now. She also talked...

Victoria’s lifestory

Victoria talked about how she grew up & what challenges she has faced throughout her life. She talks about the good, and the very bad

Braxton Baker and Leah Krieger

Leah Kreiger (32) interviews Braxton Baker (29) about his childhood and his involvement in the LGBT community. Braxton talks about realizing he was gay and later mentoring a group of younger men during their coming out process.

Harold Searcy: life and times

Harold recounts his life, growing up in rural Missouri, up through his enlistment in the navy during WWII

WGS Interveiw

We talked about , sexual assault. Feminism, self objectication , abortions and media portrayals.

Talk with Grandpa Jim

Talk about growing up on the farm, using a horse plow, proud of his son.