Mercy For Women

“Mercy for Women” is a common phrase used my the Mercy Sisters and Associates. They are an international religious order who serve the poor women and children in their community and advocate (through marches and letters to their senators) for...

Interview with Brittany Jacobs and Gavin Miles

Interview with Brittany Jacobs and Gavin Miles the day after confirming they are having a baby

Thanksgiving listen

I interviewed my mom. She had to move country witch taught her to adapt to change.

David ter Kuile and Sean Carroll

Colleagues David ter Kulie (51) and Sean Carroll (43) discuss the ways auxiliary services at Vanderbilt University stepped up as leaders to help the university navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and welcome students back for the fall 2020 semester.

Interview with Linda Jacobs

An interview with my grandmother, Linda Faye Marlin Jacobs, about her life, career, marriage, and family.

What Music Taught Me About Family

My father, Tommy Carter, has lived and breathed music his whole life. But what has life on the road really taught him? Was touring really what he expected? Through this interview, I discovered how living life on the road teaches...

My Grandma’s Life

her growing up as a child and who she was influenced by

Nashville-Metropolitan Resident Interview

During this interview, I got a chance to interview a long-time neighbor of mine in my hometown, Nashville, TN. We discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of living here and advice for any newcomers.

Elliot Riddle and Stephanie Riddle

Stephanie Riddle [no age given] interviews her nephew Elliot Riddle [no age given] about his experience attending college in Tennessee, getting involved with school organizations, and his expectations on his new journey moving to Dallas, Texas for a new job...

Eric Kopstain and Steven Ertel

Vice Chancellors Eric Kopstain (52) and Steven "Steve" Ertel (44) discuss how COVID-19 impacted the Vanderbilt community and the university's decision to offer in-person learning during the 2020 school year.

Alexandra Cannell Wendt and BC Hatchett

Colleagues Alexandra "Alex" Cannell Wendt (32) and BC Hatchett (42) discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their home lives and work lives at Vanderbilt University.

Makinde Adedapo and Naima Adedapo

Makinde Adedapo (37) talks to his sister Naima Adedapo (35) about her experience growing up in Maywood, IL and experience as a contestant on American Idol.

My mom, my hero

Julie speaks of her childhood spent in Michigan, her experiences in college and her time spent in Nashville pursuing a career in music.

Careers of the Past

This is a special interview talking about past and current careers. My father discussed what it was like to work with tv and radio networks, special artist, and working at the Grand Ole Opry. No job is ever easy so...

Aunt Interview

I, Kamryn Michael, ask my aunt questions about her childhood, school, career, motherhood, and how she wants to be remembered.