Jon is being stalked by luizzzzzzza Bella Greco!

Jon “the pest anchor ” is being stalked by Bella “ the great”. by - Jon.

The great thanksgiving list

Interviewing a friend about what he/she is thankful for

Delia(mother) and Joy(me)

We talked about my mom's childhood and the people who has impacted her in her life.

Thanksgiving- Food and Agricultural History

Jared Taylor interview with mom, Deborah Taylor about food and agricultural history on Thanksgiving morning

Maritza and Ashley

This interview has Ashley Reynoso and Maritza Reynoso. I am Ashley Reynoso, interviewing my mother. I asked her about her life from childhood to now. Most of the questions were based off being her life and being a mother. She...

Interview with Grandma

Interview with my grandmother, Ella Mae Knight, who will be 90 years old this year.

“To get respect, you must first give respect.” -Ed Pleasants

Mr. Pleasants discusses his role in important American events as well as more personal details about his life.

USDA Conservation Reserve Program in Effect

The transformation of my family’s land from farm land to pine tree forest by the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program.

Interview with Sam

In this interview, Sam talks about his experience as a freshman at NCSU. He also shares his experience working for ridio station at high school and for Sudent Media at NCSU.

More Than Just My Mom

I asked my mom to talk about the cultural obstacles and all the experiences and hardships she had to go through when she just moved to America.

Great Recession Interview

In this interview my mom talks about her experience during the Great Recession

Days in the Life of Melanie Goodwin

What it means to be a woman today and the most important moments in her life. The feelings behind her accomplishments and what her life looks like.

Benjamin and Bernadette’s November 2020

Ben and I are about six months into our relationship and I wanted to see what we would like now so we can compare to what we are like later.