Thanksgiving oral history

My grandparents talk about their thanksgiving traditions and history both in their childhood and modern day.

Joseph Cooper and The Wooden-esque approach to education

An interview with Mr. Cooper, teacher and coach, about the current state of education and his personal approach to teaching.

Interview with Mairead

Two friends, Mairead and Hannah, talk about a book they are writing together.

Thanksgiving Interview With Grandma Routh

This is an interview with Lula Mae Routh, my great grandmother. She is 94 years old and she has been both a dairy and produce farmer during her lifetime. Her interview describes Thanksgiving and agriculture during her life.


We had to do a practice interview so here it is.

Interview with Mother

My mother’s political views over time and her hope for the country.

My mother’s migration story <3

I interview my mother on her journey to the United States, what she has learned, and why she decided to even come here.

More Than Just My Mom

I asked my mom to talk about the cultural obstacles and all the experiences and hardships she had to go through when she just moved to America.

Ag History

Talking with Granny about her own family farm, as will as my Grandpa’s Farm which I grew up on.

USDA Conservation Reserve Program in Effect

The transformation of my family’s land from farm land to pine tree forest by the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Assignment

My friend and I were talking about the thanksgiving celebration with family

NC Food and Agriculture Dunn, Harnett County

Uncle Mark Johnson shares his childhood dishes, memorable service experiences, and changes in NC agriculture.

Virginia Ross’s Life as a Caswell County, N.C. Native

Mrs. Ross speaks on her experiences over the past eight decades living in Caswell County, N.C.