Childhood memories

Brooklynn’s dad shares some of his childhood experiences and related them to how they look in today’s world

BJ Powell’s StoryCorps
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Talking with my dad about his time as a child and adult throughout his life who helped influence his life for the better.

“I Wasn’t Afraid to be Judged”

This is an interview with Zoey Reeves talking about her childhood and interests.

Betsy Nore and Molly Miner

Molly Miner (41) interviews her mother Betsy Nore (75) about her childhood in Genoa, Nebraska. Betsy shares anecdotes about her extended family and her ancestors from Norway.

Conversation with Mom

We talked about having kids, being a kid, and if being a teenager once is enough.

Macie and her parents Julie and Mike

Asking my parents a series of questions about their relationship.

Dr. Marilyn Peterson shares her experiences and advice.

Dr. Marilyn Peterson has been as resident of Nebraska all her life and currently resides in Cozad, NE. She was a teacher for all ages and has a passion for learning and leadership and a caring heart.

Horse Wreck

Bob Discoe tells about a horse wreck he had while working with bulls on a Nebraska ranch.

Interview with Bryan E Brown.

We briefly talked about my dad’s childhood and experiences growing up. I learned about my grandpa, grandpa Brown, that I never got the chance to meet. Also, we talked about great grandpa Brown and his war experience. We closed by...

The Life of Belbs

Shelby and I discussed her experience through high school and what things she enjoyed. We also discussed her plans for the future.

Grandpa Pirie’s life

My Grandpa had a very interesting life. I think world war2 play apart in his life such as joining the navy.

Me and mama

Me and my mama talked about her life growing up without a mother figure and how it effected her with me and her relationship and my mom and dads relationship and if life right now is how she always imagined...

Mom Interview

I decided to interview my mom for this project, I think she is interesting because she grew up differently then me and she has an interesting line of work.

Getting the insight of a mother who had to grow up fast.

My mother Rosalie is a strong women and inspires me everyday and motivates me to become the best me. My mother had to grow up fast and I asked her a few questions about how it affected her and how...