Interview with my Grandpa Cook

A short interview with my dad's father. We talked about his life and some important things that he has learned.

Marideth Sisco and Dennis Crider

Colleagues Marideth Sisco (78) and Dennis Crider (78) discuss their lives as artists, including their contributions to the soundtrack of the Oscar-nominated film, Winter's Bone, their experiences touring and performing all over the world, and their current creative endeavors.

Chit Chatting with Grandma

This is an interview with my grandma Arlene talking about her childhood, how she met my grandpa Rod, and their life together.

Jared Murray

Emily Bray, 20 years-old, interviews Jared Murray, 22 years-old. Jared is a Jewish male and talks about his life as a Jewish man, his family heritage, and facing religious prejudice in today’s world.


Nannie and I talked about her life and childhood.

Ian Bitzes and William Cross

Ian Bitzes (24) talks with his grandfather William "Rory" Cross (86) about his life in the National Guard, ranching, and his time in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

My Roommate. MO

I got to learn about my roommates childhood and what he experienced.

Malcolm X

we talked about why he was influenced by Elijah Muhammad and what he was most proud of in his life.

Candi Lordo and Franny Hall Pasbach

Friends Candi Lordo (64) and Franny Hall Pasbach (64) celebrate their 50th friendiversary by talking about their shared childhood memories and expressing the meaning of friendship.

‘Ma, ‘Pa, and ‘Nam

In this interview, I talked to my grandma about how her and my grandpa met and how the Vietnam War affected their relationship.

Chat with Gma

We talked about life in Nebraska, life in Utah, and some other stuff.

Kaitlin and Jared – 9/30/22

Jared Clutter (22) and Kaitlin Kadavy (20) are ex-coworkers, former peer mentor and mentee, and current friends. In this episode, we discuss queer trauma, Jared’s happiest moments, and understanding that it’s okay to be human.

Leon Burge and Kevin Burge

Leon Paul Burge (78) talks with his son Kevin Leon Burge (45) about his life growing up in Nebraska and moving around a lot because of his father's railroad job. He remembers his mother, who died when he was 11...

Oh How The Times Have Changed

This interview is a just a casual flashback to the past. Starting all the way back in 1940 and progressing all the way to current day.

“I’m a Walkthefencer”

Asking Brynn Hamer questions about her life and our friendship.

Jack King and Patrick Leahy

One Small Step partners Jack King (78) and Patrick Leahy (54) discuss what their lives are like in California and Omaha, respectively. They discuss their hobbies of reading and sailing. They also talk about what issues are important to them...