Frank Xavier Levy

Frank Levy was a teacher, coach, and children's theater director. He began directing at age 10 and spent the next 60 years perfecting his Magnificent Theater.

Tragic accidens

In summary to this interview, you never know what life will hand you. So be strong and have faith in the life that God has planned for you.

Lynda Law Wilson and Helen Frances Casiday

Lynda Law Wilson (age 71) interviewed her granddaughter, Helen Casiday (age 20) about important life lessons that Helen has learned, and also about her experience with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Grandma Interview

Nicole Overton (16) interviews Jackie Overton (72) who currently lives in Rocklin, California. She asks her about her life growing up in Louisiana during the late1950s and early 1960s, her fondest memories from her teenage, child, and adult years, and...

My Father Life

This interview is about how my father life went. Going from his childhood to his profession.

John Froning

My grandpa and I talked about his life as a kid. We also talked about what my dad was like as a kid and one thing that my grandpa is thankful for.


T’Bet’s childhood stories: in summary she says to learn as much as they can, to be on a quest for knowledge, and to respect nature. (The Interview was cut short by a phone call).

Nancy O’Neill and Robin Fisher

Robin Fisher (44) talks with her mother, Nancy O'Neill (71), about Nancy's childhood in New Orleans, the family's connection to Zatarain's foods, as well as, topics of health and career.

My Grandpa

I loved hearing about his past and things I did not know about him before I interviewed him. He is my biggest role model so I love to listen to his stories.

Thanksgiving interview 2017

Interviewing my Mawmaw Gloria Boudreaux (age 75) my age-17. We spoke about her childhood, the schooling she went through and her experiences at school in contrast to present day schooling. We also spoke of family traditions such as Cookie Sunday...

Lindsay Davis and Kristy McShan

One Small Step participants Lindsay Davis (26) and Kristy McShan (48) share about their careers, their faith journeys, and also talk about some of their family dynamics.

Our boys.

Angelo Logan interviews Clarence Williams III, his inspiration and best friend. Clarence talks about the port of New Orleans, raising his son and his father's story.

Margaret Woody and Claudia Marshel

One Small Step conversation partners Margaret Woody (62) and Claudia Marshel (59) discuss their upbringings and how politics have influenced their lives.

Tracy Riley and Trezell Ragas

Trezell Ragas (22) interviews her family friend Tracy Riley (45) about Tracy's community involvement. Tracy recounts her career of serving in the military. She talks about her lifelong fight for economic justice for black people in Louisiana.