T’Neeny shares glimpses of her life with us.

Jill Contento, 1st Grade Teacher & Lower Grades Chair

A veteran teacher discovers Waldorf education: “ My best advice for my students would be to keep your imagination open to learning new things so that you can always be an enthusiastic learner.”

Grandma Nina 11/23/17

In this interview we speak about life as a catholic girl growing up in Buenos Aires Argentina in the 20’s and 30’s.

Being in the Navy

In summary of this interview sometimes the military isn’t for everybody but for some people. It’s all about how you deal with your certain situation when you’re in the military. Mentally and physically you have to be strong.

Generation Next

The eighties, a time of bright colors, classic movies,Michael Jackson, and a decade of fun for all. Colbe Thomas interviews his father Brandon Thomas, a man from New Orleans about his struggles in the 80s (5:25-6:32) and how he met...

The Creole Story

I, with some help from my mom, interview my grandmother about her life. My 88-year-old grandmother has moderate dementia and is very hard of hearing. It was very difficult, but she loved participating and gave me a beautiful story.

Wyatt Candies Interview with my Grandma

In this interview, I (17)spoke with my grandmother, Juanita Candies (75) about her childhood and life experiences. We talked about school, religion, jobs, and relationships

Jaida Nelson and Joia Thornton

Sisters Jaida Elyse Nelson (35) and Joia Erin Thornton (36), reflect on their sisterhood, their experiences growing up and going to college, and why they started the Queen Esteem Foundation.

Amariah Thurston with her mother Leslie Thurston discuss Hurricane Katrina.
November 29, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Amariah Thurston (16) interviews her mother and friend Leslie Thurston (47) about her experience of watching Hurricane Katrina unfold. She reflects particularly on the government response to the disaster...

Kennedy Williams and her grandma Willie Mae Hines talk about growing up in Champaign, Illinois.

Kennedy Williams interviewed her grandma (Willie Mae Hines) about her childhood in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Illinois. Willie Mae talks about her family and children and leaving a message to the future generations.

Man mugged in New Orleans post katrina
October 16, 2018 App Interview

Pom was robbed and shot on the west bank after hurricane Katrina.

Interview with my Mother

I interviewed my mom and we talked about various parts of her life. We talked about important events that have affected her, school life, and any advice that she’d liked to give.

The great listen

Mainly we talked about the highlights of her life and how that affects her currently

Water your thoughts on data?

Three undergraduates from Olin College of Engineering discuss their experiences at the AGU 2017 Fall Meeting. These students are on a team of 5, working to redesign the user experience of the HydroShare tool.