Interview with Sulayman and his mother.

Sulayman O’Riley and his mother Doreen Delali talk about her childhood and growing up in Ghana. She relates her experience migrating to the U.S, and how she transitioned between the two countries.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019 Interview 1

I asked my Dad some questions about when he was in high school and about his friends growing up.

Keren McCord and Nancy Boyle

Keren McCord (50) sat down with her friend and long-time colleague, Nancy Boyle (65). They shared lessons learned from Nancy's career in social work as well as lessons learned from each other.


We talked about covid-19 and what barbara's honest thoughts were

How 9/11 affected my Dad

My dad told me about his day on 9/11 and how terrifying it was. Additionally, he spoke on how it changed him as a person.

Mom pt. 2

This is part two of my interview with my mom.

Michael and Daiva Evans reflect on the 9/11 attacks and the War on Terror

My parents, Mike and Daiva, were both living in New York during the September 11th attacks. They reflect on the emotional toll, community effect, and long-term effects of a moment they will never forget.

Dealing with COVID-19 :CUNYService Corps Edition(Part 1)

This interview covers how a resident of New York is dealing with the pandemic COVID-19, general thoughts and lessons learned so far.

CBD Immune System

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Business Valuation Services With Sigmavaluation

During any exchange—regardless of whether it is procurement, removal or merger—these inquiries frequently emerge: What is the reasonable worth? What most extreme cost ought to be paid? Simultaneously, different partners and controllers are requesting more noteworthy straightforwardness through reasonable worth...

"Why aren't you using a wine glass" "we don't have wine glasses mom" "…..That's terrible"

This interview was conducted with my mother, Andrea Biggs. My mom is 43, she is a Logistics Specialists for the Navy and currently stationed in San Diego. My mom has always been very distant and anti-social, so I think that...

Grandma’s brother Vietnam war drafting story

My Grandma and I talked about how her life was effected when her brother was drafted in the Vietnam War.

A Traveling Life of Faith and Service.

Scott Zimmerman, a Junior at Egg Harbor Township, interviewed his Grandfather over the Thanksgiving break from school. Over the course of the recording they discuss his grandfathers early life from birth up until about his early thirties. They discuss how...

Family forever

My grandpa immigrated to America from Italy when he was 21. He and my grandma were together for 41 years before my grandpa died this interview tells you a little bit about my grandparents.

Memories, advice, and 9/11

I had the chance to speak with my Aunt Lisa discussing her life and her best memories in life. She gave advice and we also spoke about where she was on 9/11. #thegreatlisten2019

"Family is the Idol of Philippine Society"

This interview was done for the "Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019" on November 30, 2019 with my sister. Since she was not able to make it to Thanksgiving due to personal reasons, I interviewed her while she was in New York....

Me and my Nannu

This is an interview of my nannu’s life up until his first child we talk about growing up jobs and more

The Rose sisters

I interviewed my sister today and we talked about today’s holiday and life.

Interviewing my mother Tracy Chen for The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We begin with my mother's childhood, then her career in PR before meeting my father, their relationship, struggles in having Jiming (my brother), as well as me and my younger sister Kelly, and her experience(s) immigrating to the US.