Interview with my mom

We discussed my heritage and my mother’s childhood. We talked about my father’s family heritage as well.

The beliefs and life about my littler sister

My Interview is about the family and the life of my littler sister.

William Harris

William Harris (14, nephew) talks to his Uncle (Nicholas Rogers, 42, Uncle) about how life is going to be different for everyone.

Celebrating 21 years: Love, COVID and Cancer
February 20, 2021 App Interview

We discussed the beginning of our relationship 21 years ago and where we have come since then, including since Will's diagnosis of level 4 glioblastoma 13 months ago.

Jude O'Dell and Jeffrey Lyle

Jude O'Dell (42) and Jeffrey "Jeff" Farr (69) discuss mid-career changes, the importance of connection with other people, using the bible, history and their own life experiences as a guide of how to move through the world with compassion and...

Deirdre Sekulic and Bernice Asamoah

Deirdre Sekulic (45) sits down with co-worker Bernice Asamoah (31) to discuss how they came to work with the homeless population, and why the job is meaningful to them.

Nina Tedeschi and Marie Normore – Growing up

We talked about her growing up in the Bronx and how she got into the brand new field of programming just because she wanted to do something different.

Growing Up in New York, Living in Texas

My Popi has lived in Texas for 40 years, but he grew up in snowy Upstate New York. That is very different than me.

Interview with Rich Garr

Teaching Artist Rich Garr expounds on the roots of his practice

An Interview With Vermont’s Own: DJ Montgomery (Jackson)

A conversation with my sister's boyfriend on his life growing up in Switzerland, some regrets, and hopes for the future.

My interview with mr. Washington

We talked about his childhood and they affects. He also explained the generation he grew up in and my generation.

Olga Giordano – Willowood x PC

Pedro Damasceno (17) speaks to Olga Giordano (96). Interview hosted by Pine Crest’s Photography Club at the Willowood Brookdale resident center in Fort lauderdale, Florida. c/o Pedro Damasceno

Ryan’s Interview With Aunt Stephanie
November 24, 2017 App Interview

Ryan interviewed his aunt, Aunt Stephanie. They talked about her life growing up, and what she learned from it.

Bailey Barden interviews her mother, Felicia Sabatelli, asking questions about her life in their home in Port Jefferson, New York

In this interview, conducted November 29, 2022, in Port Jefferson, New York, Bailey Barden (13) interviews her mother, Felicia Sabatelli(53) about her life. Mrs.Sabatelli answers questions about her life. The questions vary from childhood memories to more recent ones. At...

Olivia Quinto, Victor Monterrosa, and Diego Iniguez-Lopez

Olivia Jardinado Quinto (36), Victor Manuel Monterrosa, Jr. (31), and Diego Alfonso Iniguez-Lopez (29) talk about their personal and political development and their work as attorneys.

Daniel Horowitz and Daniel Horowitz

New acquaintances and "name brothers" Daniel "Dan" Horowitz (85) and Daniel Horowitz Garcia (53) have a conversation about their shared name and their career path as historians.

Grandma – watch desk history New year’s 2018

Wished her a happy New year and talked of Great great Grandpa's time at Bulova and Cartier

GTL Andrew Perry interviews Sharon Ibanez

In this interview conducted in Chantilly Virginia on November 26, 2017 Andrew Perry (15) interviews Sharon Ibanez (64) about her childhood and how she would like to be remembered for future generations. Mrs. Ibanez shares her life and how she...

The Great Thanksgiving Litsen

My grandma and I talked about her childhood. And what she and my mother were like as kids