Grandma November 28, 2019

I talked to my grandmother about her past as a whole.

The Journey of a Father

Harry Xu is interviewed by his daughter, Jennifer Xu. He shares his childhood, family, and memories that develops him into the person he is today.

The Great Thanksgiving listen 2018

My name is yuxuan I am 14 years old. Today is November 25, 2018 and I’m speaking with Mia who is my mom. We are recording this interview in New York Fresh Meadows. I want to interview my mom because...

Grandma j and Joseph

We talked about my grandmas history and siblings and how she liked school and work

School interview

My grandfather discusses what his childhood was like.

Mom’s Thanksgiving Interview

I interview my mom and got a more in-depth overview of her life, childhood, and adulthood.

Christina Greggs’ Interview With Torri Greggs

Today my father and I discussed moments of his childhood. We talked about growing up in New York and going to school there. He also talked about what it was like to be an adult. | The Great Thanksgiving Listen...

Grandmama’s Interview

We talked about what she was like as a child, the things she did as a child, and talked about her and my grandpa met.

Inaaya’s Mom and her life

Inaaya asks her mom questions about her and life/childhood.

After the loss of his mother at 12, Donald Mahoney learned the key to success through his sister’s guidance

Donald Mahoney’s parents were Irish immigrants, and at the age of 12, his mother passed away. Mahoney’s older sister, Ellen had to become his mother and inspired him to never give up on his dreams. He worked extremely hard in...

Childhood memories

I’ve talked to my partner about his upbringing. As well as his childhood.

GTL 2017, CHS Keating

Joy Borowicz talks about her memories as a child, historical events she witnessed, and accomplishments as a parent.

Interview with Gigi

We talked about Gigi’s childhood, my dad and her parents.

Life In The Philippines Versus Life In America

On December 1st, 2019, Gian Paulo Meneses (52) talks with Isabelle Meneses (13) about his life in the Philippines. In the interview, Gian Paulo tells of people in his life, both in the Philippines and America, as well as differences...

A Father’s journey through Poland’s hardships, and arrival to America.

In this interview, viewers are able to learn about Claudia’s dad’s experiences, family, and past in both Poland and America. This made Claudia and her dad to connect and strengthen their bond through this interview. In addition based on this...

Interview with Bob Pernick, Part One

Bob Pernick talks about his childhood, growing up in a Jewish family of six in the thirties, his college days, and how he met his wife.

Learning More About My Family

In this interview, I talked to my aunt, Yiting Zhu, about the experiences in the past as well as what who she is as an individual. She talks about how her school life was like and the things she has...

Interview with an aunt,friend, and conrad

This interview is private.

Interviewing Boppa about childhood and army

We talked about his childhood, how he was always getting in trouble before he found his love for books and sports, and then his time in the army as an air force doctor.

“Spend as much time and be a part of your children as much as possible” A father shares his childhood with his son

Nicholas Scaletta interviews his father, Anthony Scaletta. They discuss various topics including Anthony’s childhood experiences, personal values/achievements and how life was different back then compared to now. His own neighborhood which he’s grown up in, and how life got him...

My Mother’s Life

Jenny Leung, a mother of two, is interviewed by her daughter, Mingwai Lin. In this interview, she shares what she went through as a child and how it shaped her character. Through her experiences and her perspective, she shares the...