My oral history project

This was about my grandma talking about her younger life and how was it

Terri Davis and Bob Gratton

One Small Step participants Terri Davis (67) and Bob Gratton (61) discuss their upbringing, the loses they have faced, and their thoughts on politics and media today.

Papa Willard and Carson!
November 23, 2017 App Interview

Family patriarch recounts his favorite vegetable

The story of Deanna Bagalawis

Deanna Bagalawis would like to be remembered as a kind, and warm hearted individual, who saw every human as equal and tried to reflect it in her day to day life. In this interview, she attributes her success to her...

Brandon Gerena and Tammie Sanders

One Small Step partners, Tammie Sanders (58) and Brandon Gerena (43), discuss social issues important to them, the agriculture business, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Life of a Mother

The life of my mom, telling about the ups and downs through her life and how she overcame it all. (21:50-24:48)

Grandparents Interview

Interview about Mary Ann Wall and Rory Wall’s childhood, adulthood, values, how America used to be, etc.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My father and I talked about a variety of events that happened throughout his life. We discussed points of where he has been, his tough times and his greatest times, and why he made certain decisions in his life.

Lindsay Frye and Greta Hjerth

Greta and I talk about the time she skipped class and what she learned from it.

Katherine Schroeder and Kerry Seiwert

One Small Step participants Katherine "Kate" Schroeder [no age given] and Kerry Seiwert [no age given] discuss their lives in Kansas, their relationship to faith and religious communities, and how they feel disconnected from the groups they are a part...

Keith Jemison and Maybelle Wallace

Keith Jemison (64) shares a conversation with his dear friend Maybelle Wallace (92) about the history of Black Wall Street, including the Tulsa Massacre, as well as the continued importance of the Greenwood community and the power of love to...

Independence Sexual Misconduct

I interviewed the head of AIS, Katie Willett, about her thoughts regarding sexual misconduct at our school.

A memorable encounter with an older French woman while traveling in Europe

Elizabeth met an older woman in a small town in France who seemed to be eternally grateful to all Americans for the help they gave to France during World War II

Shantelle ( moms interview )

I take a second to get one on one about my moms life in great detail. From her childhood, to her favorite thing about me ! Great bonding experience.

The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Matthew Bland interviewed by Zian Lane about his thoughts and ideas on the novel, ‘The Beautiful and Damned.”

About my Mom

The interview was recorded on October 25 in Mint Hill, North Carolina. I(Colby) has learned a couple more things about my Mom and how she was brought up as a child. My mother’s name is Leslie Ryan, and she has...

Overcoming my bullying

A brief summary of how I overcame bullying and self esteem issues as a child. How I am applying it to my present.

StoryCorp Interview

Me and my mother talking about growing up with me and any type of memories