The story of Deanna Bagalawis

Deanna Bagalawis would like to be remembered as a kind, and warm hearted individual, who saw every human as equal and tried to reflect it in her day to day life. In this interview, she attributes her success to her...

Discovering Grandma’s history in the Car.

In this interview I asked questions concerning Rachel Pelt’s food related history. Questions about the foods she ate as a child and her thanksgiving traditions. She was also able to give a few stories about a couple of off related...

Interviewing Planning

Talk about his life and different like that.

Thanksgiving 2018
November 23, 2018 App Interview

We discussed robyns current career after being a full-time mom for 22 years

From Harnett County and Germany to Mexico

An interview focusing on food and cultural differences. David Beasley is my stepdad who grew up in Harnett County. He joined the military and was able to explore Germany through that experience. Once he made his way back to North...

Mimi and Brier’s Thanksgiving Listen

Brier talks to her grandmother about some things she has learned in her life!

Norman McDaniel

I talked with Norman McDaniel, my grandfather about his time in the Vietnam War and his overall life and future ambitions for the world.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My father and I talked about a variety of events that happened throughout his life. We discussed points of where he has been, his tough times and his greatest times, and why he made certain decisions in his life.

Family journeys

I interviewed my Ant Liz about her childhood and what her life was like growing up

About my Mom

The interview was recorded on October 25 in Mint Hill, North Carolina. I(Colby) has learned a couple more things about my Mom and how she was brought up as a child. My mother’s name is Leslie Ryan, and she has...

Friendship of Evelyn Ochs and Junko Kline.

Evelyn Loven Ochs talks about her long friendship with Junko Itosi Kline. Evelyn and Junko “met” as pen pals after World War II. Junko is a native of Japan, but has lived many years now in the United Kingdom. Evelyn...

The Nature of Southern Names

Mom and her children talk about the unique and funny names she grew up with in Eastern North Carolina.

A conversation with Mom

Mom talked about what life was like growing up as well as family memories. And a funny bit about southern names.

Aunt Pat’s Interview

E.J. interviewed his Aunt Pat about her childhood. In this interview, they talked about growing up on a farm, going to college, and becoming a teacher.

Across River

This story is about a time Chris Johnson and friends swam across a river in North Carolina.

My mother and I

We talked about what or how was it like raising me.

Reflecting on the first Moon landing

On May 8th 2019 teens from the MyDurham program interviewed mature adults about their memories of the first Moon landing in 1969. In this recording we hear what it was like living in New York and Boston at age 19...

HI 360 Farm life with Papa Clyde

My Papa Clyde talks about his experience on his dairy farm and his own personal garden.

Part Two: Maria speaks of transition, settling into Richmond, and her dreams of bringing more Mexican culture to her adopted city!

Part one of two: Maria sits down with Alison and translator Kaitlyn to talk about family, her move to Richmond, and ways she believes we can incorporate more Mexican culture into the town she has grown to love and appreciate!