Immigration with Jacqueline Bukuru & Alexa Burke

What life was like back in Burundi and how it differed from life in America. What the immigration process was like.

Story Corps English 10 Interview :Drew Lake

We talked about things that he did/does in the military, we talked about how things he thought was one way, but turned out to be different.

Thanksgiving StoryCorps

This interview had two questions; one was asking about her childhood and the other was how she met my dad.

Learning about Grammy

An interview about the childhood and home life of my Grandmother and the lessons she has learned throughout her life.

My Great Grandma

My mother will be talking about the life of my Great grandma

final period 3

I am interviewing my great grandma Carol she is in her 80s. In the background you can hear my brother and grandpa having a little conversation because my grandpa didn’t know about the interview he had just gotten there. We...

wilhite and watters interview

She tells me about her relationship with one of her close friends that had passed away.

Michael Amadeus , 12/3/2020

Interview with my co worker Michael Amadeus. Michael’s a shy man, he doesn’t like to draw much of any attention to himself so this interview really wasn’t easy to get him to agree to.

Family journeys

I interviewed my Ant Liz about her childhood and what her life was like growing up

Sandy Fowler-Jones and Barbara Hershafft

Childhood friends and One Small Step conversation partners Sandy Fowler-Jones (67) and Barbara "Bobbie Jean" McLenny Herrschaft (67) talk about the importance of their friendship in 1960s North Carolina.

Interviewing my grandpa

My grandpa face many challenges in the navy but he says it was worth it