A Different Generations Perspective

This interview is based on my grandma and grandpa Schamerloh’s perspective of their time and their experiences.

Brady and Lori interview

An interview with my mom, Lori about her life.

Gramma Rocque

A wonderful conversation with my mom about her life and raising 8 kids.

Life of Sheryl Hamilton

In this interview, my mother and I talk about her most memorable and enjoyable moments in life, along with some of her hardships. It was amazing to learn so much about someone that you see everyday but never think to...

My Mom’s Wishes and Hopes

Bernarda recounts to her daughter, Bernice, her hopes and wishes for her family and her past.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Throughout this interview we talked about family, how life was back then, and memories.

Teacher interview

I wanted to interview one of the teacher I know at onteora

Notes of wisdom by Sarah King and Harper Lane
November 22, 2018 App Interview

I was assigned to do this video for school. At first I thought that it would be a normal video with my Grandma telling me stuff I already know. But it ended up being a video full of suprises and...

Interview with my mom Marnie Weinmann about her childhood and life experiences

In this interview, Marnie Weinmann talks with her daughter Katie about growing up in Rochester. She shares her experiences with school and college, as well as how she became a teacher. She also shares some of her favorite things and...

An interview with Arthur Calick and Gloria Redlener

Arthur and Gloria recount growing up in Brooklyn as first generation children.

Interview with Dad

As part of The Great Listen 2018, my dad and I talked about a couple of memories...one recent, one old. He muted the football game for this, unfortunately you can't mute the grandkids.

Charity Scott and Constance Shreckengost

Charity Scott (65) speaks with her daughter, Constance Shreckengost (33), about her relationship with her own parents, herself as a mother, and her perspective on bioethics as a law professor, friend, and current cancer patient.

9/11 Through My Father’s Eyes

The experience of 9/11 through a non-native born man who used to live in New York.

Elliot Scherker and Karen Gottlieb

Karen Gottlieb (62) interviews her husband Elliot Scherker (62) about his brother Michael Scherker, who passed away in 1990. Elliot's family did not know that Michael was gay until years after Michael's death.