Mom and daughter time

She talked about her childhood and what it was like. She also talked a little bit about coming to a new country

Maryann Kaelin and Giovanna Lockhart

Giovanna Lockhart (41) interviews her grandmother Maryann Kaelin (88) about growing up in New Rochelle, being a nurse in New York City, and being a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Tomazia Interview

Tomazia and I talked more about her life and I got to know her better through this interview

Full Sail Interview 4

Interview between my Son and I. Talked about his future

Struggles with American Cultures

It is November 27th and this interview is taking place in Queens, New York. Lusine Galstian and her mother, Tatevik Galstian, talk about how it was like for her coming to America and not knowing any English. They also talk...

Kalief Shack Metellus, President of Student Government at SUNY Old Westbury, and Patrick Salmon discuss why and the value of participation.

Patrick Salmon, Senior Audit Student, talks with Student Government President at SUNY Old Westbury Kalief Shack Metellus (25). Items discussed: how a mentor recommended that Kalief apply to college, get involved in student government and the results of that relationship....

The great listen

Me (a 13 year old) asked my father some questions about his childhood, myself, and if he had any regrets in life.

Test upload

This is an initial post to see what it's like to archive via the app and what functions id loke to use to make out content searchable.

Story Interview

My dad and I talked about his childhood, how his childhood was, and who he misses. I learned some new things about him that I didn’t know before.

A Clayville Thanksgiving

David remembers being the youngest of ten children at Thanksgiving.

me and my dad

we talked about his proudest moments and accomplishments. we also talked about how he wants to be remembered and the legacy he wants to set for his family to come.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Alex Gore

An interview with my mother mostly about her childhood along with some advice and life lessons.

“Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!” – memoirs of a life devoted to teaching students in Brooklyn, NY.

An interview inquiring about the interviewee's decision to pursue a career in education, how he handled stress, and lessons he learned. The interview ends with his life's most memorable memory.

Kenisha Mahajan and Mia Payne

Friends Kenisha Mahajan (15) and Mia Payne (17) talk about immigration, climate change, the importance of youth voices, and their hopes for the future of New York City.

Remembering Mom

A year after his wife’s passing a father tells his daughter about the tremendous influence his wife had on him during during their 58 years of marriage.


This is me interviewing my grandmother who is a very big role model in my life. As of recently she has shown signs of dementia and it’s been quite hard adjusting to this so it was nice to get her...

Grandpa Interview

Very good interview if you want to know about a person who lived through a lot of things.