A look into the 50’s and 60’s

We talked about childhood and like in the 50s and 60s. We talked about family traditions and romance

My Love

A wife's point of view on life and loved one's are a blessing.

interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom and we talked about her childhood and things she remembered about her first love. We also talked about me and her favorite things or memories about me.

Melissa Zeneri talks about her favorite memories.

This interview was recorded in Massillon, Ohio on November 29th, 2019. Melissa Zeneri describes her favorite memories of childhood, to adult hood.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project with Barbara Dierkes

Barbara grew up in a small town in Ohio. In the interview, we talked about her childhood, and about what her parents were like. We also talked about what my mother was like growing up.

Family Traveling – Childhood Stories

This is an interview about my husband's childhood and what it was like growing up far away from the rest of his family.

Mitchell and Nancy talk about the John F. Kennedy assassination. “I really felt like I knew him.”

Nancy describes her emotions after the attack happened. She was only a kid, so at the time she wasn't impacted too much. Now that she looks back, she understands the significance of the attack and how this was the spark...

Interview with my grandma

My grandma her name is Teri and she is 56 years old.

Starting Again in Another Country

My dad took 3 attempts to escape Vietnam. In the US my dad went to college and then traveled across the country to find jobs

Interview with the Irish.

Here I interview my dad about his childhood and what is was like growing up in Europe. He describes living with 10 other siblings and the values his family shared. He then talks about the opportunities that allowed him to...

Ohio Love

The interview was an amazing experience and I’m glad I got to get closer to my grandparents.

Jada & Mom

I, Jada, interview my mother, Ashlea, on what moving to Maryland was like for her.

The Luck of the Irish

The discussion was about my grandma being in Ireland as a 3rd-generation Irish immigrant. We also discussed her childhood and how she grew up with her sisters.

Linda Jurkiewicz

I am interviewing my grandma on my moms side. I asked her several questions about how her childhood was and what it was like. I learned many different facts about her that I never even know, hope everybody enjoys.