Maxine Kilgore & Susan Hetler

Maxine Kilgore: 2020-12-07 21:40:58 Maxine Kilgore (13) interviews Susan Hetler (her grandmother) about important life lessons and memorable experiences. Susan Hetler shares her experiences at art school, her midwifery knowledge, and shares some very important pieces of advice.

The great thanksgiving listen by Emily Tillack

Angel is 19 and has been through a lot during her child hood

Living a great life

I forgot to mention the movies I did I loved it about 20 movies and commercials and meet everyone in the business

Jim McCarthy – Part 1 – Jim has been a part of Dayton's LGBTQ community since the 1980s and has helped shape and guide it in many ways.

Jim tells the story of his own coming out process and how he has helped shape/guide the Dayton LGBTQ community through important pivotal periods and events since the 1980s, including a protest that led to the ouster of the editor...

Mr. Lennon and Cameron talk about Mr. Lennon’s life

Mr. Lennon and Cameron talk about life in the Great Depression and his time in WW2, and Japan. They also talked about his jobs on a farm, Oldsmobile, and war plants. They talked about his memories and his childhood.

Interview of Grandmama (Barbara Dunn) with Jayce Landers

Barbara Dunn (84) talks with her great grandson, Jayce Landers (16) about her different aspects and memories from her life.

World History Interview cont.

I talked with my grandfather about his life and then I told him how he changed my life.

Angela interview

Angela Phinney is 61 year old woman you lives in Hyde Park Massachusetts. Throughout her life she has dedicated her career to social justice work and community service. She was born in Cincinnati Ohio and moved to Alabama. There, she...

Mary Demski and Karen Demski

Karen Demski (39) interviews her mother Mary Demski (70) on her relationship with her parents, meeting her husband, and moving to Florida.

Favorite Childhood memory
November 27, 2018 App Interview

My mom tells us about her favorite childhood memory

Remaking your life after divorce

Daughter-in-law interviews her mother-in-law about a difficult transition.

Persia Gratitude DeAngelo S

In this interview, my dad answers the question reguarding his gratitude and his life experiences.

Wilson Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, the main topic was family, and memories.

Immigrant Project

Talks about grandfather from Germany coming to america.