Persia Gratitude DeAngelo S

In this interview, my dad answers the question reguarding his gratitude and his life experiences.

Grandpa Interview

I talked to my grandpa about his childhood, how my dad was like as a child, jobs he had as he grew up, ect.

Karla and Mary: Twenty-four years of an inter-racial friendship

This conversation summarizes a friendship of over two decades between two women, one White and one Black. Insights and issues of race and personal growth are discussed.

Attitude of Gratitude Araselvan

In this Interview we talked about what he was thankful for, major events that influenced his life, his priorities in life and what he would like people to remember about him.

Interview with my Grandfather Gerald

This interview is with my grandfather Gerald Sunkin who is 83 years old. He speaks about his childhood and where he grew up. He tells about where his parents are from and what his parents did and what they were...

Natalie Miller interviews her mother Sharon Miller about her life experiences.

Interview conducted in Massillon, Ohio on November 27, 2017. The life experiences of Sharon Miller (age 48) and her perspective growing up. Interviewed by her daughter Natalie Miller (age 14). She explains what is important to her, and others she...

Senior Citizen
December 17, 2017 App Interview

I spoke with my grandma about her life and the different changes she has gone through in her life.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

there were lots of subjects mentioned in this interview mostly about family and life topics.

Ted Christou and his American Dream

Ted Christou, my Pappou, immigrated from Greece in 1966 with his wife (my Yiayia), 2 kids, a single suitcase, and without knowing a word of English. He talks about his journey of immigration and how he achieved his American dream.

My interview

This is an interview with a kid and his mom mostly discussing childhood.

Suzana and Audrey

We talked about Suzana’s life in Macedonia and her experience moving to the U.S. We then talked about her life in the U.S. so far.

Starting Again in Another Country

My dad took 3 attempts to escape Vietnam. In the US my dad went to college and then traveled across the country to find jobs

Grandpa Klatte

Aspen and Takoda came up with several questions to ask their grandfather.

Interview with Dad

My dad, Bill, mostly talked about his childhood, what he was like as a child and different stories from when he was a kid. He described the story of how he met my mom an how he proposed. He also...

What the old man had to say.

I Tyler Gleason talked with my Grandfather Jim Gleason on how his life was and a lot about who he was. We got to talk about sad topics such as his grandfather and also happy topics like him going to...

Interviewing my Gram (Roxanne Hunter)

I am interviewing Roxanne Hunter, who is my grandma. In the interview she will discuss her fascinating life story.