Cassandra and Wenceslao "Benson" Galvan

Cassandra asks her father, Wenceslao "Benson" Galvan, a few questions about his experience as a Mexican immigrant in the U.S., some stories about her mother/his wife, and other such subjects about his life that she didn't completely know about before.

Interview with my Mother who’s also my best friend

This recording took place on April 20th, 2020 in Orange, CA. Miranda Velasquez (21) interviews her mother, Tonia Velasquez(51). Tonia shares stories about her childhood and how she grew up in Oregon and moved around a lot. Also, she talks...

"Tell me about that picture of your dad with his car."

I never met my mother's father, as he passed away when she was 12 years old. But this photo has been in my life for a long time and I always liked to think that this was my grandfather, on...

Mom and daughter talk

Daughter asks questions to her mom about her past life and what her expectations are for her daughter

Interview with my Dad

An interview I had with my father over Thanksgiving break as part of a journalism unit.

Kailey Bean and her dad, Scott, talk about Kailey’s grandma, and what life has been like since her passing.

I'm this interview, in November 2018, Kailey Bean(17) interviews her dad Scott Bean(52) about her deceased grandmother, Shirley. They talk about what life was like when her grandmother was alive, and how life has changed since her passing. Scott talks...

Life of an Airman

I asked Air Force veteran about his life in the Air Force and how it affected his life in many ways. He had some very interesting details and I learned a lot.

Pat Meuli Wright & Owen Wright

"And he did have beautiful auburn hair" Recorded in December 2017: Granddaughter Aislinn (25) asks her grandparents, Pat and Owen Wright (both 84), about their decision to adopt five children between the 1960-70s.

Gail Kearns, my mom for the past 49 years

This is an interview with my mother on the day before Thanksgiving when I asked her to reflect on her life. We are sitting in the kitchen of her home near LA where she has lived for the past 54...

Karsten Krebs interviews Dana Krebs

Karsten Krebs asked questions to Dana Krebs about her life growing up to now

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Asking my closest cousin questions about difficulties, strengths, family, and more

Cristine Patrick

An interview discussing the life, time and childhood of a mother as put to her son

JJ talks to his grandparents Esther and Glenn about their childhood and their relationship

In this interview, made November 27th, 2018 in Lincoln City, Oregon, JJ French (16) interviews his grandparents Glenn and Esther about their childhood in Michigan. They share stories of everyday life as a kid and what it was like for...

Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask about growing up, his new life in Portland, Oregon. Interview 7.

Jenny Rask Interviews father Gene Rask about growing up in Butte, Montana and his family's move to Portland, Oregon to find new opportunity for their families. First impressions on their arrival to Portland, Oregon during WWII from Butte, Montana which...

Cyndia Ashkar tells the story of the early childhood program at Portland Waldorf School in the style of a fairy tale.

Cyndia Ashkar was born in Albany, Oregon, and after attending 28 (!!) schools as a child, she graduated from Franklin High School in Portland, where she met her husband Ted. She began teaching at Clackamas County Head Start before beginning...

Andrew Burdick interviews Dave West #4 (20200808) Young Adulthood – Mentors, Growth, and Early Jobs

Andrew Burdick and Dave West in their fourth Storycorps Connect interview. We start by talking about influential teachers and what they meant in Dave's life. Then we continue to cover Dave's various apprentice roles as well as what he studied...


Interview on my father, just about his life and his job.

Interview of Life

We talked about life. We talked about the past, and present.

A grandmother's life from growing up during a war to having grandchildren

A grandmother goes through the details of her life, from the beginning when her family was heavily impacted by the World Wars to eventually having children and grandchildren.

Naomi 7y/o

I talked to Naomi about Parents, siblings and school.