Sweet little boy

Chip Zeman is the sweetest little guy I have ever met, with the biggest smile on his face at all times. Chip was born with downsyndrome and apraxia, something that makes it very difficult to talk and figure out what...

Cristine Patrick

An interview discussing the life, time and childhood of a mother as put to her son

High school life at WLHS… 30 years ago

High school is different for everyone. Good memories and bad ones, take a peek into Jennifer Tabor’s life as a high school student at WLHS 30 years ago.

The great thanksgiving interview
November 27, 2018 App Interview

We talked about my grandmas childhood and biggest accomplishments

The Life of Penny Martin

On November 25th, 2018 Madison Hall (16) interviewed her Nana Penny Martin (59) in Lincoln County, Oregon. They spoke on her youth and family. This leads to Penny recounting past regrets resurface from a young age, discussing education and children....

What Was the Question Again?

This interview is with my grandmother, who lost her mother a couple of years ago. Here is her story of Thanksgiving as a child.

The life of John Galindo

We start out with the childhood of my grandfather John Galindo. He lived his first 8 years with his grandmother in Arizona until she died of cancer. After that he lived with his mother until the age of 15 when...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my mom about what life is like for her and how others shaped her.

Pat Meuli Wright & Owen Wright

“And he did have beautiful auburn hair” Recorded in December 2017: Granddaughter Aislinn (25) asks her grandparents, Pat and Owen Wright (both 84), about their decision to adopt five children between the 1960-70s.

Gavin McLean and his Nana, Tammy O’Connor, talk during Thanksgiving in Pendleton, Oregon.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview,conducted in November 2017 in Pendleton, Oregon, Gavin Mclean(12)interviews his Nana,Tammy O’Connor, about her childhood and find memories in her life.His Nana shares about funny memories like how Gavin’s dad getting his thumb stuck in a car door...

Artist Stories – Linda Austin

Emily sits down with Linda to talk about her career as a performing artist, what has been the driving force behind her work and how the Portland dance community has been changing.

Interview of Life

We talked about life. We talked about past and present.