The Life of Roberta Horn

Roberta Horn describes her childhood, teenage life, adult life, and advice to the future generations that will listen to this.

Steven Interview

We talked about Stevens life, accomplishments, memories and goals


It was a reflection of the time my lovely wife Sherri and I have shared for thirty years

Wisdom with Nan

Basically following nan through her life.

Marian Owsianski talks about his childhood and moving to the U.S.

In this interview, conducted on November 2017 in Whitehall Pennsylvania, Kamil Gjondla (15) interviews Marian Owsianski (51) about his life in Poland and America. Marian Owsianski talks about his adolescent life in Poland and his job experiences. He talks about...


I am speaking with my younger sister, Olivia Penfield about the good times and bad times.

Ron & Bev Ferguson

They told me a lot about thier life together and Ron in the war. Also about the differences in generations.

Instant Dad

An interview with Tim Summers, newly married into a family with a child. Tim gives insight into what it’s like becoming a dad of a child that isn’t his own.

Thanksgiving Int. / Mrs. Delpolito / Pd: 4

Here in this interview I talked to my Grandmother about our family and heritage.

Taylor Kepple and her mom talk about her childhood, future, and marriage.

We talked about my moms teenage life and the future. We also talked about her hopes for me and my generation. We talked a lot about her dad, who was my grandpa. They were very close and that was a...

My interview with Pop-pop

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Swedesboro, NJ, Ryan Sweeney (15) talks to his grandfather Edward Glanfield (83) about his life. Ryan’s grandfather shares stories of his childhood and growing up in Collingdale, PA. He talks about his...

Pierce Marra… a blooper and a memory!

What would be on the blooper reel of your life? ..we used the wrong kind of paint….

The Great Listen 2018

This interview focused on the family, traditions, and careers of the interviewee, Drew Gannon. He gave an in-depth description of his family’s thanksgiving traditions as well as his childhood job as a paperboy. Childhood memories, advice, and good stories are...

Thanksgiving Listen

My mother and I talked about her life in the 90s. We also talked about the future of our lives.