Ron & Bev Ferguson

They told me a lot about thier life together and Ron in the war. Also about the differences in generations.


It was a reflection of the time my lovely wife Sherri and I have shared for thirty years

Chris O'Brien Jaeger Interview HE9

Christopher O’Brien and his Grandfather, Patrick O’Brien, talk about the advances in technology seen from and older generation. Also, Mr. O’Brien was a navy veteran before the Vietnam war and discusses memories from the past. Being born in Philadelphia would...

Thanksgiving Listen

My mother and I talked about her life in the 90s. We also talked about the future of our lives.

Mugshots: Brian Spadaccia

Brian Spadaccia is die-heart fan of Bethlehem! He loves his town and Musikfest! Brian's one word to best describe Musikfest is LEADERSHIP.

Sam Henry and his mother Leigh Henry discuss her experiences as a young teacher in Florida.

On January 4, 2020, Sam Henry (15) interviewed his mother Leigh Henry (44) about her first year living on her own teaching at a high school in Tallahassee, Florida. Mrs. Henry speaks about what she did directly out of college...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Zachary Yenser and Diana Yenser

In this interview, conducted At my aunt’s house on November 25 2018. I interviewed my grandmother to learn about her younger life. She shares stories about her childhood and her relationships. She also talks about family and things that influenced...

Covid and more from a Registered Nurse

An inside interview with Carmen Santana RN, on her past life, her family. Now being a Registered Nurse during the covid crisis, carmen explains the struggles she has at work and dealing with positive covid 19 patients. Also carmen talks...

Devlin/Balbo Family history

Conversation with my great aunt about family history where she grew up in Leechburg, pa and where she went after

Thanksgiving Int. / Mrs. Delpolito / Pd: 4

Here in this interview I talked to my Grandmother about our family and heritage.

A chat about growing up, love, and faith.

This interview took place on November 25, 2018. The interviewee was Vicky Hoffman, my grandma. We talked about her entire life. Starting with childhood, her parents and grandparents and went on to talk about my pap. She also gave some...

Liam’s interview with his mother.

Her child and family. Also how things have changed.

Interviewing my Dad

For this interview I asked my Dad about some big questions in his life.

Interview with a family member

I interviewed my grandfather with 16 questions about his life and decisions.

Michelle Boring and Shannon Sankey

Michelle Boring (25) speaks with her friend Shannon Sankey (23) about living with the stigma against her body, discovering a body-positive mentality, and writing about the body in her thesis at Chatham University.

(Part 1)The Life of Judy

This was a very interesting experiance. I learned so much about my grandma that I never knew and never thought to ask her about. She talked about how she had jobs in business when I thought she only ever worked...

US History Interview

My peer Abigail Brown talks about her life growing up in an immigrant family and how school and life experiences have impacted her life.