"I feel I am doing in my life what I need to do to help other people"

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019, Anna Deems interviews her aunt Janet Poerschke. Janet talks about her childhood growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania with a large family. She shares many stories from her youth, her favorite travel memories...

Alexa and her Aunt Fran talk about what it takes to run a marathon in all fifty states and seven continents.

High school freshman, Alexa Hayden, interviews her aunt, Fran Macavinta, on December 29th, 2019, at Alexa’s home in Solebury, Pennsylvania. Fran Macavinta was born in 1965 and began running at 39 years old in 2004. She embarked on her running...

Ned Hampford discusses growing up and mentoring youth.

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2018 in Pottsville, PA, Zachary Turnitza (age 17) interviews his 8+ year mentor Ned Hampford (age 66) about his life experiences. Mr. Hampford shares his experiences about working many odd jobs and previous...

Grandma’s memories of thanksgiving and gardening

Disscussion of family history with a focus on agriculture and Thanksgiving, leading into a discussion of current traditions and my family's relationship to agriculture.

Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 30, 2018 App Interview

Adri discusses relationship tips, his experience in the Navy & what it was like growing up in Philly during the 80s.

The Great Listen 2018

This interview focused on the family, traditions, and careers of the interviewee, Drew Gannon. He gave an in-depth description of his family’s thanksgiving traditions as well as his childhood job as a paperboy. Childhood memories, advice, and good stories are...

Rania Mazouz interviews Gustavo Cruz about his life and growing up in Venezuela

In this interview, conducted in December 2018 in Alexandria, Virginia, Rania Mazouz (14) interviews Gustavo Cruz (45) about growing up in Venezuela. Gustavo talks about growing up in two different states with his mother and siblings. He also talks about...

Mom’s Life 18-23 part 2

I never knew much about my mom’s life after high school and before I was born. This really helped me to learn about that part of her life and caused me to learn more Han I was expecting.

Interview With My Grandfather

I discussed many topics with my grandfather in interview form, such as family and joining the navy.

Alexa Thomas speaks to her grandma Rahmeh Jarrah about her early life and what it was like to grow up in Syria.

We spoke about how it was to grow up in Syria. My grandma told me about what it was like to grow up on a farm and to come to America once she met her husband when she was younger....

Hannah Slaughenhoupt and her mom Oleva talk about growing up and the big lessons that life has taught her.

In this interview, conducted on December 2nd, 2019 in Sarver, PA, Hannah Slaughenhoupt (16) interviews her mom Oleva Slaughenhoupt (48). They discuss all aspects of Oleva’s life from her childhood, marriage, and career. Oleva looks back on many fond memories...

Gary Moore: Early Life, Civil Rights, Hippy Movement and Rock and Roll

In this interview, we discussed Gary’s early life in Pennsylvania and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, along with his views on civil rights, his musical influences from rock and roll and other sources, and involvement in the hippy movement before and during...

Nana and PopPop

We talked about their childhood's growing up with single mothers, the early days of their relationship, and what they learned in life.

FYE Project

We talked about his childhood up until he started working for Lebanon Valley College.

Story of Life

Lead a decent and honest life, and life will treat you with respect. TheGreatListen2018

Thanksgiving Recording

We covered basic info and details. We also covered many different stories for each question.