Evelyn Sanchez

This interview is for me getting to know one of my classmates better.

Chs Career prep

We talked about his childhoood stuff he went thru when he was younger. What he want to tell the next generation

Adley and DeAndre

Adley interviewing DeAndre about him and his life.

Jose’s Interview

I interviewed Jose’s to get to know him better as a person

The Hero My Dad

I interviewed my dad to better understand what’s going in in his life especially with him being on the road almost all of my life

“Still room to grow”

My dad and I talked about how he went from a bench warmer to a head coach to an assistant principal.

Parent interview

This is an imterview for a school project in career prep.

Grammy and I

I asked my grandmother, Trenda Burkes, many questions about her life up until now.

Best Interview

We are doing this for career prep. I am interviewing a friend.

Jazzy and Reese!!!

We talked about a lottttt… including school, cheer, and some of the lessons she has learned throughout her life so far!!

John interview

We talked about the way John communicates about life with his family.


We about about her life and things she liked