Theresa Taken and Emily Taken-Vertz

Theresa Taken (72) talks with her daughter Emily Taken-Vertz (28) about growing up in rural Iowa, being adventurous, going to college, traveling the world, and becoming a lawyer after being a social worker in the South Bronx.

Love Access

All smiles and laughter when remembering about each other's first meet and giving advice to the future generation about love.

Erin Abalos and Ellizar Abalos

Erin Abalos (28) talks with her husband (34) about his childhood in the Philippines, his passion and fulfillment for music and teaching, and his Navy service. Ellizar talks about his dedication to the growth of this students through music.

Life From Pampanga, Philippines to Orange, California

In this interview, conducted on April 20, 2019 in Orange, California, Mya Naguit (19) interviews her father, Manny Naguit (59) about the duration of his life from Pampanga, Philippines to Orange, California. Mr. Naguit shares insights into his memories as...

Antoinette Neri

She talked about her journey to the united states, her family, and transition to today.

Francis Gray and Libby Koultourides

Francis Gray (78) is interviewed by his daughter Libby Koultourides (47) about his childhood memories as a prisoner at a Japanese concentration camp in the Philippines.

Our Grandmother

Here i interview my grandmother, as her granddaughter i ask her a set of 15 questions and she tells me about herself and how she grew to be the women she is today.

Our Eyes Have Seen (Episode IV: Life and Times of Thomas Henry Sheffler)

Part I: A multigenerational conversation about the events in history that we witnessed and how they affected us. We talk about culture, war, television, media, historical influences, points of view and legacy. Part II: Uploaded separately as Teacher Talk -...

Mother’s Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was conducted in November 2017 in College Point, NY, Maui Cate Tumanda interviews her mother, Marichu Tumanda, about her life and childhood. Mrs. Tumanda’s parents had a great impact in her life and were one of the factors...

Edited Interview: How My Mom Met My Dad

I asked questions about how my mom first met my dad, and the things she went through to get here. I also learned how it changed her life moving to a different country.

Trip to Philippines

Trip to Philippines. What it’s like in the Philippines and the shelter.

An AZ interview!

My Lola is very strong person! She is so amazing and did so many things in her life! I just want to say that I know my Lola very well but I don’t know everything. Based on what I learned...

Give Thanks

My auntie and I talked about the best moments that ever happened to her life. She mentioned that she is thankful with everything that she have because God is with her.

Foreign Dreams

I ask various questions containing how she lived and how she grew up

Mommy Loida

My grandmother describes her life growing up as a rich girl in the Philippines, opening up multiple businesses, and how her time back home in the Philippines compares to her life in the U.S.

Grandma and Grandpa Verdoon-The Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview 2018

Some questions like “what was WW11 like, who do you look up too, and how has religion made an impact on your life we’re all discussed.