For our assignment for global Arizona I interviewed my father Leonardo Garcia

Klein Family History: Bob and Sally Klein Part IV

My fourth recording session with my grandparents, Bob and Sally Klein, discussing their hopes for our family’s future, what they would like to tell their future grandchildren, and the role religion and the Catholic Church has played in their lives...

Great Aunt Leah at 100

Aunt Leah talks about her life at age 100

Mary Caravalho and Christy Hightower
December 10, 2016 App Interview

Mary Caravalho’s mother died young of cancer and Mary honored her mother by taking on her mother’s role of staying in touch with her cousin Judy throughout Judy’s life. Now Mary honors her cousin Judy by uncovering and telling the...

Interview with John Wilkirson (Vietnam Veteran)

Julia Oliveira is a Freshman at Berry College. Hannah Cunningham is her roommate from Arizona. John Wilkirson is Hannah’s grandfather, a Vietnam Veteran. Around minute 26, John tells a very emotional and touching story while he was in Vietnam. God...

Just Another Interview

Basic to more in depth questions about them and our friendship.

Attitude of Gratitude Kontak

In this interview you learn about my dad’s life. You find out about his childhood memories and the difference between today and back then.

My grandmother

My grandmother was originally a resident of chihuahua,Mexico. She later came to the United States to pursue her school work.

Molly Grimes and her grandpa talkabout his childhood, military service, and his wife.

In this interview, that took place in November 2017 in Manhattan Beach California, Molly Grimes interviews her grandpa. They talked about his service in the military, his wife, and his childhood. He talked about some of the things he did...

On the Level #100: Jim Watson, a man with a plan-Part #1

Jim Watson says he’s a simple man with a simple plan. Yet he’s anything but simple. From the time he was a a young man, certain people in the community had an eye on Jim. And he would prove their...

Sunny Day Warm Conversation

How life provides opportunity for growth. Life expirences are the greatest teachers.

Young Love

What the future holds and how life has gone so far in the mind if a 21 year old.

Interview with my friends Anaïs

We discuss few things about her life , childhood and family and relationships

Grandpa Remes

Simply an opportunity to better understand the life of my grandpa. Our conversation covered everything from his childhood to final years of work.

Fiancé interview

We talked about the hard times, the good times, how we started our relationship.