Siena interviews Chris about his childhood

Siena interviewed Chris about his childhood and she learned unexpected things during the interview. The interview was conducted in my living room on november 26, 2017. They talked about Where he was born, how he grew up, what school he...

Susana Pinal and Jenny St. Onge

One Small Step partners Susana "Suzzy" Pinal (47) and Jenny St. Onge (51) talk about their views on abortion, their experiences moving to the United States from other countries, and US policy toward immigrants.

Kelly Davis and Carol Smart

Actress and playwright Carol Smart (83) talks with Kelly Davis (43) about Carol's experience turning her grandmother’s life story into a one-woman show. Carol's grandmother, Doctor Rosa Minoka-Hill, was one of the first Native American women to become a physician.

Oral History Project

I have interviewed Mr. Frank Grondin focussing on his Franco American History and culture.

Thanksgiving Weekend Interview

Talked with my brother, Cameron, regarding his thoughts on what his future holds. We also touched base on his past.

A short Conversation with my Grandfather on his Childhood

My grandfather, Jacques Deslauriers (68), talks about growing up in Quebec's Limoilou District. He speaks of his family life, and the mischief him and his brother got into.

Anthropology Recording

Rita was born 1943 (today is 2019) I asked her many questions about her childhood and what it was like

From Manila to America

Emille Cipriano-Trudeau moved from Manila, Philippines and lived in Chicago, Quebec, San Francisco, and Austin. She left her homeland to explore other opportunities.

Karam interviews his dad Wayel about his past, present, and distant future.

Karam (15) interviews his father Wayel (56) about his past adventures and his family. Wayel describes his experiences traveling around the world to secure a better life for his family back in Syria. Then, he talks about his current life...

Howard Dunn and Joan Dunn

Howard Dunn (84) talks with Joan Dunn (60) about the various jobs he's had in his life. He describes working as a tour operator for his travel company, and taking his family on trips.

Love at first sight

She was from another country, he thought he would never see her again.