Full Sail Interview 4

Interview between my Son and I. Talked about his future

Great Thanksgiving Listen with Jim and Liam McCarthy

Liam and Jim McCarthy talk about Jim’s life. They talk about his childhood life and beyond. Around the five minute mark they talk about how he got discharged from vietmam, and around the end they talk about his love for...

Lynda Grose and Cecil Johnson

One Small Step partners Lynda Grose (62) and Cecil Johnson (58) discuss their relationships to family and consider how their backgrounds have influenced their political views.

me and my dad

we talked about his proudest moments and accomplishments. we also talked about how he wants to be remembered and the legacy he wants to set for his family to come.

Steve’s Vermont housing in 1972

Steve describes himself as a hippie during his youth. This story tells about free lodging he stumbled into in the early 70s.

The story of how we got here

Speaking with my dad about the experience of immigrating and being an immigrant.

"I don't fear the disease, I fear the effect it has on people."

Lizzie DeGraw (18) interviews her best friend, Maddy Guinen (18), about her childhood, school, coming of age, and how the Coronavirus affected her last year of highschool.

RVM Mary Wright Gillespie
September 28, 2017 App Interview

A life of service. Family and Ministry. Groundbreaker for women ordained in ministry.

Interview with my mom Marnie Weinmann about her childhood and life experiences

In this interview, Marnie Weinmann talks with her daughter Katie about growing up in Rochester. She shares her experiences with school and college, as well as how she became a teacher. She also shares some of her favorite things and...

Gary Baribeault and Lee Wilder

One Small Step partners Lee Wilder (72) and Gary Baribeault (62) share a wide-ranging conversation about geopolitics, discussing politics with family, and their perspectives on voting safety.

Interesting stories with Gail

We talked about her life and stories about growing up, having kids, and running a business.

LueRachelle Brim-Atkins and Jacquelyn Howard

Friends LueRachelle Brim-Atkins (76) and Jacquelyn Howard [no age given] discuss LueRachelle's childhood in Texas and her experiences with desegregation at the University of Texas. After college, LueRachelle took an internship as a teacher in Rochester, NY, and ultimately moved...

Where It All Began

This is an interview between the 19 year old interviewer, Dylan Morse, and his 76 year old grandmother, Barbara Henry. They discussed her childhood growing up and eventually settling in the city of Canandaigua. They also discussed her children and...