Christmas 2019 Brickey Sibs – Suzi interviewing Teri

Teri and I talked about the importance of family, relationships, work, and health.

Interview with mom

In this interview I talk to my mom about her motivations and who has impacted her in a way that shaped her life today. With these people who shaped her life is their anything she learned and would want to...

Greatness in the Making
November 16, 2018 App Interview

This interview is about Dacayla, a Millionaire in the making. We talk about her difficulties throught life, and how she has grown as a person which has gotten her to the place she is today.

The great Thanksgiving listen

Grew up with not much. Wish to have been a braver child. Meet my husband on a blind date. I love Christmas because everyone comes together and there isn’t much to stress about.

Interview with my Mama!

My 81 year old mom and I sat down to talk about life. A few tears later, this is our interview.

Life In A New World

In this interview, conducted December 2017 in Saint Louis, Missouri, Kelly Giang (15) and her mother Dinh Giang (37) talks about her experiences coming to America from Vietnam and how felt coming to a “new world.” Dinh reflects on what...

My Granny: Lena Conley

This my interview with my granny with me just getting to know her

The big listen

Michelle Bear is a project manager at an architecture firm in Saint Louis. She also works out of offices in Chicago and Toronto and has spent much of her career traveling to places like Pakistan, Mexico, Italy, France, and many...


This interview was about a cousin who decided to adopt and younger cousin and ended up going through hard times and complications during and after this adoption

Interviewing my mom STEAM

I interviewed my mom about her Childhood & Her Work experiences for A project in School