English class

This was an interview to my sister and I asked her different questions that she could answer because she’s only 11 years old

Interview with Papa Tim

I asked my Papa Tim questions regarding his life and his migration patterns

Jaelyn’ s Interview

What we talked about was what are some of the best moments of her life and how has her life changed from when she was younger

Half a century and life is still hard but gets better PT1

This interview is private.

From the farm to college.

The story about Georgian female and the struggle she endured at the onion farm.

Crimes of the Past

In summer of 2014 sixteen year old high school sophomore from San Antonio went out with friends on a warm Saturday night in July. Before it was all said and done two people were arrested, one was out a months...

Thanksgiving interview

I interviewed my dad and asked him questions about his life, childhood, and memories.

The Impact of the Farmworker Life on my Family.

Frank was the youngest of a large farmworker family. He shares how that experience impacted his life as a child, an adult, a father, a husband and a grandfather.

Coach Tim’s interview

Talked about his life, how he was a minority, how he overcame adversity and had a family with 14 kids, went in depth in how he wanted send them all to college

Thanksgiving Listen
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Family history, Aviel’s birth, the joy of life. Things you should carry on and follow in life

Papa Mon

My grandfather and I talked about how he met my grandmother, his teenage years, religion and spirituality, and what he wants to leave behind.

Changing the Narrative of SNAP

Discussion with Cindy Fuller, a current SNAP recipient about the food assistance.


Deep questions lead to deep thoughts. A perspective on life from Kenneth Aguilar

Timiera Jackson and Emily Martinez

Timiera Jackson (17) talks with her best friend and classmate Emily Martinez (17) about the new "normal" during this pandemic.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Grandpa Barclay

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oklahoma (Aimee) and San Antonio (Grandpa) Aimee Barclay interviews her Grandpa Robert E. Barclay. Grandpa Barclay shares stories about his life as a kid and his time in the military. He talks...