chandler growing up
September 14, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed my husband about his childhood years.

Frank Gravatt: His Views on life and the film industry

My dad and I sit down for 40 minutes discussing why he chose making movies and his views on his life and things going on around him.

Rachel Nicholson Extra Credit Interview: ECON222-02

Veronica and I talked about what is going on in her life at and away from Sonoma State. She is graduating soon and is going to explore the world of sales and/or possibly go into healthcare. Her friends and family...

La Luz of Sonoma Levi Strauss Community Day 5/3/2018

La Luz of Sonoma already providing support for the large Hispanic community of this area was called into action during the fires of fall 2018. Meals, shelter connections, care and support for over 5000 people in the days ahead has...

Interview with my dad

We discussed my dad and his experiences in live and advice to future generations

My mom

I am asking my mom a bunch a questions about her childhood and how she met my father, her husband. We had a great time.