Dad interview

So a summary of this interview is that my dad grew up in st. Louis Missouri, and has 2 sisters. Also my dad's dad was a football player for the NFL cardinals.

Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my mother’s life until this point. Also what the future looks like for her.

I’ve Lived a Lucky Life

Granddaughter and Grandmother talk about stories from living through enormous changes in our world, such as the Women's and the Civil Rights movements. And stories from childhood in the 50's, living in a ever expanding world.

What is life like

This is a interview with one of my personal favorite teacher Ms. Bikle. She had a very interesting life story to be told, that I enjoyed very much.

English 1 Interview

I interviewed Pastor Tom at United Church of Christ in Saint Paul about his personal life and his thoughts about religion.

My aunt and me

This interview was about how my aunt grew up and all the stuff life took her through

Getting to know Charity even more.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in St.Louis, Missouri, Lisbeth Benitez interviews her close friend Charity about her childhood and her experiences growing up.

Outside with Olu!

This is the interview about Olu enjoying her sexuality and her poly relationship