I dropped out of college and joined the Air Force, and then they put me right back in college to study Russian… Isn't it ironic?

Jack Jaffe talks about growing up in Portland (Ladd's Addition), Albany, Yakima, and Salem, dropping out of college, joining the Air Force, and going to Vietnam, where the South Vietnamese Army was having a little conflict with the South Vietnamese...

Fun memories with Janet Wojo

My grandmother’s biggest role model, happiest memory, last conversation ever

Miles Tucker and Wayne Tucker

Brothers Miles Tucker (37) and Wayne Tucker (35) speak about their father and the impact he had on them and others.

The Life of my Legend

This interview follows the magnificent life of my Grandma Barbra Ingersoll who lives in Liverpool, New York. The wholesome conversation speaks to her sincere and humble nature. It was very endearing for me to take away a stronger grasp on...

Ruth Levin Thanksgiving 2019 Interview

Grandma Ruth talks about college as a math major in the early 1940’s and her first job.

Andrea Cuadra and Pablo Cuadra

In this interview I ask my dad, a seeker of adventures, to reflect on his life. He shares stories from growing up in Nicaragua in the 60s, working for the government in the 80s, and starting a business from scratch....

Kevin Covert interviews Teresa Covert about her life experiences

Kevin Covert talks with his mother Teresa Covert about her childhood. They also discuss her personal relationships and family, as well as her career. Finally, Teresa shares lessons she has learned from all of these and advice for future generations.

The Thanksgiving Listen

Interview with my grandmother during Thanksgiving Break following the great listen format and questions.

Interviewing Barbara Levine, my amazing grandmother!

I asked my grandmother about her childhood and how she wants to affect the world. I generated an understanding of how our major family tradition is to to good in the world.

Interview with Gigi

We talked about Gigi’s childhood, my dad and her parents.

Chat with my grandma

I asked my grandma questions about her life as a child and in college.

Interview with Grandma Rita McPeake and Caitlin Dolorico-McPeake

Caitlin Dolorico-McPeake(17) talks with Grandma Rita(87) about her life and experiences. Discussed within are topics including (but not limited to) World War II, the Glass Ceiling, terrible cooking, the Italian Mafia, and the Korean Conflict.

Dylan Bachman and his mother Linda Saunders talk about her life

We talked about my mother’s life growing up, her past jobs, and our family history.

Alok's Interview with his Aunt, Ranjana Sinha on 12/5/2017 – Part I

Born as Ranjana Saxena in May 1950 in Delhi and raised in a conservative joint household in Lucknow, UP, India - she was the youngest of four children of Ram Shanker and Prakash Saxena. She immigrated to the United States...

Caroline Blain 94 years old 2018

Early 20th century life in Syracuse. Experience of a woman in banking in the 50s and 60s. Loss. Happiness