Thanksgiving with Grandma

I, Hannah McDaniel (21) is interviewing my grandma, Nelda McDaniel (84) over life experiences, memories gained and a few lessons that she learned.

JFK And Around what happens

The Death of JFK and how it affected them and how it affected other things around them

Kathryn Roberts and Carolyn Schwarzkopf – Daughter and Mom

Kathryn Roberts: 2020-08-17 15:57:33 - I talked to my mom (85) about her life during COVID, her childhood in Virginia and Maryland, and anything about life now. I learned a lot!

Redefining the Norm: Part II

In part one we learned about how Clay changed his school policy on allowing boys to wear makeup. In part two we went more in depth with others reactions to the policing change, the impact of social media and Clay’s...

The interview with my dad

We talked about life in the military and how it was. We also talked about what life is about.

Sharron Edwards interviewed by her granddaughter Lauren Stacy. Ex: “How do you want future generations of our family to remember you?”

My grandmother tells me things about her life nobody else could tell me. I learned about her childhood and heard her opinions on things like women's rights. I hope to show this to my future children or family if she...

Interview with Kristen Young
October 22, 2022 App Interview

My mom, Kristen Young, and I, Jenna Young, say down for a brief interview where I asked various questions about her past memories and values. Following the questionnaire, I tell my mother what she means to me.

Joyce Ice and Ronald Latimer

Husband and wife, Ronald "Ron" Latimer (75) and Joyce Ice (71), share stories from each of their family's histories, reflecting on traditions, memories from childhood, and education.

Beverly Gottwig first interview

General subjects..marriage, parents, retirement, Texas

Afternoon with Padrino

This interview is to see what experiencias my godfather went through and how he persevere through them.

Thanksgiving Interview

Today, i asked mrs vanessa about her life, her childhood,etc

Interview project.

This interview is between a mom and her daughter and in her words she described it as “the joy and blessings of parenthood and of being a mother.”

Thanksgiving interview

In this interview, my grandfather and I discussed his daily life in the Navy and how he met my grandmother.

Farin Smith and Mary Smith

Farin Wayne Smith (52) and his wife Mary Elena Smith (43) share the story of their first date on a boat in Galveston, Texas.