An Interview With Everett Browning, a Grandfather, a WWII Veteran, and a Father

This interview was on my grandfather, Everett W. Browning. Discussing his childhood and family life, we also touched on his military service during World War 2, and his relationship with my grandmother.

Timiera Jackson and Gerardo Villegas

Timiera Jackson (17) talks with her brother in law Gerry Villegas (24) about how the new way of the world has affected him and his life.

Liam’s thoughts

It's was about his perspective on people and animals. World and public views.

Farin Smith and Mary Smith

Farin Wayne Smith (52) and his wife Mary Elena Smith (43) share the story of their first date on a boat in Galveston, Texas.

Were are you from

We talked about why we are American and why we stayed in America for more opportunities.

elder interview with jordyn palmer

brenda answered 15 questions talking about her childhood & people who have changed her

A Traveling Life of Faith and Service.

Scott Zimmerman, a Junior at Egg Harbor Township, interviewed his Grandfather over the Thanksgiving break from school. Over the course of the recording they discuss his grandfathers early life from birth up until about his early thirties. They discuss how...

Daddy and me

I interviewed my dad about his parents and his family. I learned that his step father punched his wife and that daddy still likes his step father because he ended up being a good man and taught him lessons.

Thanksgiving Interview With My Dad

This is an interview with my dad on Thanksgiving about random question I thought were important to ask him.

JFK And Around what happens

The Death of JFK and how it affected them and how it affected other things around them

Mitchell and Nancy talk about the John F. Kennedy assassination. “I really felt like I knew him.”

Nancy describes her emotions after the attack happened. She was only a kid, so at the time she wasn't impacted too much. Now that she looks back, she understands the significance of the attack and how this was the spark...

Carter Pohlmeier’s interview with J.C. Pohlmeier

Carter Pohlmeier interviews grandfather, J.C. Pohlmeier about school, life on the farm, and Nazereth.

An Interview with Nana

This is an interview with my grandmother also known as Nana. We talk about her life moving from Canada to the United States, raising children, how much life has changed, and what she hopes for the future.

A Woman's Right: The Story It Tells – Annette of Mission, Texas

"We have to continue to fight to have these rights. That was when I was 15 or 16 when I realized that." - Annette of Mission, Texas talks about her experience with equal rights in the computer science industry. Annette...

My daughter’s early years, “well, it was late in the afternoon”

Helen Bethel Williams talks about the birth and early years of her daughter, Molly.

Uncle Brian (Thanksgiving)

I interviewed Uncle Brian and got to know a little more about him.

Yearbook Interview

In This Interview I Learned That She Is A Very Intelligent