The Story of Linda Margaret

A fun drive down memory lane with Mom/Linda Margaret. A fascinating exploration into the events and people helped shape her life and personality.

Interview with Pam Eldridge

Pam Eldridge immigrated to the United States in 2002 with her husband and two (soon to be 3) children. They moved here for her husband’s job, but had other personal motives as well. This is her perspective on the immigration...

Thanksgiving LIsten, Lilia Garays Life

Lilia Garay gave us a insight look about how her life back in Mexico was. She also tells us about how she felt when she moved from Mexico to the United States. She gives her hopes for both of our...

My Grandmother

In this interview I talk with my mom about the amazing person that was my grandmother.

interview with mom

this interview was about my mother’s life experiences

About my dad’s life and what he enjoyed in it.

We talked about his childhood and some lessons he was taught in life. He even talked about some life lessons that he would like to give other people.

Political views

The talk was about the political stance.and some of the personal experiences of the participants.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview I will be interviewing my dad, Tom Baker. We will talk about him growing up how family friends and people who helped him along the way. Our interview was held at home in McKinney.

Sharron K.- Oncology Nurse And Texan Mother
November 25, 2018 App Interview

This interview was conducted in McKinney, Texas on November 24th, 2018. Lauren K (14) interviews her mother, Sharron (45), about her childhood and career as a surgical oncology nurse. She also discusses her family, pets, and her time studying abroad...

From Then to Now: A Life’s Journey

Married couple Rosa and Luis “Arturo” Perez talk with their granddaughter, Natalia, about their early life in Mexico to their journey and life experience to New York and Texas.

Childhood in the 70s

My mom explains what it was like for her being a kid in the 70s.

Lauren Madrid & Becky Rodriguez

The struggles of being a gay woman and overcoming hateful experiences theough strength

My Greatest Childhood Memory

On November 20th, 2018, Nora DeLeon Shared The Story Of how she won first place in many poetry contests.

Interview with my grandmother

This interview is me interviewing my grandmother, Nermie, about her life

Terrible Tuesday 1979

My mother, Michelle Wiese, was 9 years old when Terrible Tuesday, a series of severe storms and tornadoes, hit north Texas on April 10, 1979. In this interview, she talks about her memories and the sights and sounds she remembers...