Nancy Colvin on Her Life

I talk to my grandmother about growing up, having kids, moving, and her purpose in life.

Ricardo’s Rememberance

A 6 year old girl talking with her 17 year old sister about a tragic death in the family.

GG and Me

Today GG and I talked about different stories and questions I had. I learned a lot more about my grandma than I thought I did. And I am glad I spent time with her.

Jayda and Mom

During the interview I asked my mom about her childhood, memories, and other relatives.

An Interview with Steve Montgomery

Steve Montgomery, the head pastor of Idlewild Presbyterian, takes a look back at his 18 years of service and shares his lessons learned and wisdom from ministry.

My Interview Project by Kelsi Sharkey

This summary was about my mother and father and how they feel America can improve

Hayden Goode and her Grandmother Ann Farris discuss her life and growing up Greek.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee, I interviewed my grandmother Ann Farris, whom I call Yia Yia. We discussed growing up in Memphis, Tennessee and coming from a very Greek family. I learned more about my...

Larry Lemieux

Interview with Larry Lemieux about losing his family dog.

This is an interview I conducted with my Mom, Amy Pemberton.

The main focus of this interview was the past. My mother reflected on childhood memories, goals, etc. Also, included in this interview was some advice for future generations. This interview took place on 11/26/17 at our family home in Ashland...

Mercy For Women

“Mercy for Women” is a common phrase used my the Mercy Sisters and Associates. They are an international religious order who serve the poor women and children in their community and advocate (through marches and letters to their senators) for...

Interview with Linda Jacobs

An interview with my grandmother, Linda Faye Marlin Jacobs, about her life, career, marriage, and family.

“Very Very Fortunate”

This is an interview with my dad, Bruce McMullen, where we talked about his childhood and present day things.

Deveney Perry and Kirstin Cheers

Deveney V. Perry (28) talks with her "friendleague" friend and colleague Kirstin L. Cheers (28) about the current state of Memphis, being "Memphians", the "villages" that raised them, their faith, art as a form of advocacy, why they chose public...

Interview with Dad

I had a chat with my dad today about his self reflection on life.

Thanksgiving Interview with Mom

We talked about what my childhood and my Mom’s childhood life was like. We also talked about how she met my dad and their experience growing up.

From the band room to the office: Mr. Ayers

A glimpse into the vice principals daily life. How has his personal progress affected his progress in the field of education?