Gwen Ellen Grose Shaw birth-8 years old

Gwen was born 12/31/1936, during WWII, in San Antonio, TX. Gwen is 83 years old and has Alzheimer’s. This is a recollection of her childhood.

Work Theme Interview

Sophia talks about her current job and how she got into the retail job career path

Thanksgiving Interview with Mom and daughter

My mom and I took the time during a road trip back from Denver to interview her. I picked out a few questions I thought would be good including times from her childhood to her profession. We also talk about...

Ft. Worth Coronavirus Log: 3.19.2020

Gracie Rutherford, 11 years old, interviews her family about their experience with the coronavirus shutdown

The Last Supper

We started the night out with such fun and happiness. As the night started to fall later, so did the nice festivities! One by one, people started to release every ounce of poison they ever had.

Grandma Chats About Life

Alice Moore talks about being a lamaze instructor, her upbringing in the Austin area, her musical background, her dear brother, and her family, with her college age granddaughter.

Parent interview

An interview with my mother about personal finance and how she manages her money.

Interviewing The Musician

This interview was conducted In my living room, on Wednesday October 18, 2019. I have interviewed my sister, who is also one of our vocalists. We mainly talked about the band, but some questions were a little more personal then...

Learning to Swim in a South China River

A story of a river from my childhood in China and a discussion on what we can do for water in the face of climate change.

Story corps interview project

My grandma had to make a difficult decision on wether she should release a person who works for her or not

Life of a veteran

We are interviewing a veteran who lost a lot of friends from Vietnam. We are talking about his life and about military.

Interview with my grandma!

In this interview, my grandma talked about how she grew up, raised her kids, and loved Jesus at the same time.


Interviewing a student who challenges those who judge him based on his outwardly appearance.

Mary Bee Querner Harrison Poole talking about her family originally from TN who settled in Temple, TX in spring 1906

Mary Bee talking about what she new of her great grandmother’s family being Black Dutch, the Bush family coming to TX from TN, the supposed Parker family being Cherokee (“Black Dutch”) from Canon county TN (Lucinda Parker being her great...

Hsiu Yu and Brady Morgan interview

Hsiu and Brady talk about memories and goals for future generations

Rosa Martinez. Age 91. 2018. American.

I asked my grandmother about her experience with life as a young lady in the Diablo neighborhood in El Paso, TX. Please ignore some of the incorrect facts as her memory is fading. Thank you for listening.

The Freedom Journey

Mr. Lee had escaped the communist seeking freedom from Vietnam to America in 1988. It took about five years to arrive America. Before he came to America, he had to stay in Malaysia for five years. Mr. Lee had to...