Thanksgiving Listenung Project Interview

Interviewed my dad for the Thanksgiving Listening Project. I learned about his school, favorite teacher, summers, voting, and life lessons.

Reflections and Recollections

I interviewed my grandfather, Mike Mckissick, on Monday, December 9th, 2019. We talked about his experiences growing up as a teenager and other aspects of his childhood.

Changing the Narrative of SNAP

Discussion with Cindy Fuller, a current SNAP recipient about the food assistance.

Robyn Hrivnatz and Sarah Bauguss

Colleagues, Robyn Hrivnatz (33) and Sarah Bauguss (34), talk about their careers in education and why they started teaching. They are technology integration specialists in Katy, TX.

Jose Contreras, Maria Angelica Contreras, and Karina Contreras

Karina Contreras (24) asks her parents, Jose A. Contreras (59) and Maria Angelica Contreras (54), about their love story and their lives as parents.

Tough Love

Tough love from close memories and people.It will shape you into somebody strong.

My Me Maw

My Me Maw had a lot of wisdom to share with me and also had a difficult time growing up because she had my Dad and Uncle at such a young age.

Interview with Bryan Young

An interview that I recorded with my Dad for school.

From the farm to college.

The story about Georgian female and the struggle she endured at the onion farm.

A Thanksgiving conversation.

My uncle and I talked about his life as a child and how he grew up with multiple families. We also talked about a program that he founded for kids that were having trouble in school. I learned so much...

Interviewing Mom

We talk about life. Basically questions about her decisions in life.

BLAW 4340

An overview of an ethical dilemma encountered, the outcome, and home it impacted the interviewee.

Early childhood 1940-1960’s

A few memories of growing up in Ninnekah, OK and seminary in 1960’s. Topics on family, school, racism.

An Interview about my grandfather’s life, and his experience in the military.

Crossroads TX, November 26th, 2017. Interviewer:Kamerine Nickols Interviewee: James Richardson. James Richardson shares his personal stories about his life experiences including; working in the oil feild and being drafted in the army.