Mark and Tiernan Mackela discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Mark shares his perspective on collective neighborhood behaviors that have led to more environmentally friendly land use in Ann Arbor as of 2030. In 2024, neighbors started with designating a community lawn mower; this then inspired blocks to begin sharing...

Mikaela Finley interviews her grandpa Richard Fisher on his life!

Mikaela Finley: 2020-11-26 00:59:09 My grandpa and I talked about all of his life, from years ago when he was young to working in the military and all the way up to 2020.

Entrevista con Tita

Tita y yo pudimos hablar y compartir unos momentos.

Success Story about Fluper!

Hello I am Anshul Sharma, the CEO & Business Head of Fluper Ltd. How Startup happened, key pillar of company. We believe in complete transparency and authenticity for our clients or employees. Let us understand why Fluper Ltd. claims to...

P. Daugherty Interviewing D. Lenartowicz

In this interview, I asked my grandfather questions about his life, and his life after I came into it.

Thanksgiving Listen With My Mom

My mom and I talked about her childhood and her family and we also talked about memories of when I was little.

Interviewing an important person in my life

FJ asks Atef Jamal some question about their childhood. And how Atef Jamal saved FJ’s life directly and indirectly

Susan Mayclin Stephenson, "I learned so much about Montessori from answering questions!" September 2021

World traveling Montessori mother, grandmother, teacher, consultant, and book author, shares memories of Montessori experiences in the United States.

Interviewing my mom STEAM

I interviewed my mom about her Childhood & Her Work experiences for A project in School

Events leading to the Civil War

Events leading to the Civil War. Talk about Buchanan, slavery, and division of the US.

“I’m not so much proud of myself. I’m proud of my children.”

Isaac David, an 8th grader at Franklin County Middle School, interviews his mother Patti David (maiden name Conway) about her life. They talk about her childhood, her career, and her love of her children.