William Harris

William Harris (14, nephew) talks to his Uncle (Nicholas Rogers, 42, Uncle) about how life is going to be different for everyone.

Nancy Goodall and Elise Vess

One Small Step partners Nancy Goodall (63) and Elise Vess (31) discuss the losses they’ve experienced, consider how therapy has influenced them, and talk about their relationship to religion and spirituality. They also share their political views and their experiences...

Alyson McCuin and Raeann Hazzard

Alyson McCuin (16) discusses life and navigating challenges and opportunities with her mom, Raeann Hazzard (42).

Henry Griffin, Pam Wintle, Alice Griffin, and Elizabeth Griffin

Husband and wife Henry Griffin (70) and Pam Wintle (75) and their daughters Alice Griffin (29) and Elizabeth Griffin (37) speak about their connection to and favorite memories of Innisfree Village and how it as changed their lives by creating...

Tom Fishburne talks about moving to Europe on a whim after college.

Newly graduated from the University of Virginia, Tom Fishburne had no idea what he wanted to do. Most of his friends were moving to Atlanta with jobs already set up, but he wanted to do something different. So, he turned...


Andrew and I talk about his views on politics and his home life growing up

The Computer Programmer and Mr. Mom

A conversation about a 56-year long marriage and its non-conventional qualities.

Saunders-Dowell Interview

Nathan Saunders (16) and Stephen Dowell (37), members of the Trinity Episcopal School Community, talk about family, religion, and other life topics.

Interviewing Olivia Lopez

Asking Olivia questions about being the editor and chief.

Interview with an elder, mom, Amy Messegee

This interview was conducted with my mother, who I have always looked up to and taken advice from. During the interview I learn more about her past, where she grew up, and the people that she looked up to. I...

Mark Sprinkle and Kyle Kennedy talk about changing political views and educational choices in Richmond, Va.

Mark and Kyle discuss how they got to and started families in Richmond, Va, how their political views have changed over the years, and how the educational choices they made for their kids reflect their desires for the welfare of...

Interview with granpop

In this interview i spoke with my grandfather who served in the military.

Virginia and Sarah

Virginia talks about how money affects people and how our society revolves around it. Then, we talk a bit about wanting to be remembered.