Kristen Bradley

Kristen tells me(Lauren) about past high school experiences, memories from growing up, and lessons learned from her life

Angeline "Dolly" (Crocetto) Gagain

My 85-year-old grandmother Angeline “Dolly” (Crocetto) Gagain met her husband (my grandfather) Raymond John Gagain in Waterbury, Connecticut when they were 14 years old. They spent their entire lives together until my grandfather died in 1990. His death was a...

My grandmother and I

Nana talks about her past, some life lessons and being a grandmother.

How to be your own boss

I interview my mom about her experience in starting her own business.

Thanksgiving 2017

My mother talks about growing up in the depression and memories of a special aunt.

“Those 8 years made me who I am today.”

What it was like to travel as a kid in a moving home, his experiences in the airforce, and raising kids while working extremely hard for his daughters and wife.

Eriq Taing Interview

I interviewed my classmate and friend Eriq Taing in order to find out more about him personally.

Interviewing Faith

I, Morgan, talked with my classmate, and friend about her own personal life and the stuff she would like to be remembered by and the things she’d do differently. Faith talks about her life living in Vermont and then having...

The Past and Family
November 13, 2017 App Interview

Talk about familial background and overall childhood memories.

Papa police interview

David Martin talks about a tiny glimpse of his 40 year career as a police officer.

Interview with Jeanne Ross

The interview consisted of me learning a lot about my grandma that I didn’t know before.

The Impact of Barack Obama

I talk with my dad about his childhood, education, and the election of Barack Obama.

Granny and Peyton. Profile Interview

My Grandma and I talking about her past and how fast her grandchildren are growing up and what experiences she has gone through.

Music throughout the years

Talked to my grandma on thanksgiving 2019 about how music has changed throughout the years.

JOHN Ellis 3X DE English assignment

Mom tells me about thanksgiving as a kid, she’s pretty unenthusiastic about it though.

Great thanksgiving listen

In this interview Katelyn Gallaher interviews her grandmother Diane Signorino‘s about her life and past knowledge she has required and wants to pass on along with story’s and traditions.