Rick Reyer and Yauo Yang

Friends, Rick Reyer (59) and Yauo Yang (39), have a conversation about how Yauo came to live in Wisconsin, his service in the United States Army, and his path to becoming a Church Planter.

We love our Off-campus experience

Brinn is a freshman at St. Norbert College who came back from the GAP experience, where she has a chance to studying about many social justice issues throughout the U.S. and Guatemala. And Tran is an international student who spent...

Nancy Richings – Interview #1: Summers at Clam Lake, WI

Laurie Richings interviews her mother, Nancy, about childhood memories of summers at her family cabin in Wisconsin - Interview 1

Interview of my mom

Interviewed my mom and we talked about things from her past

Interview with Nonny Rita

I asked my grandma about her childhood as a Jewish person in the United States. And asked her follow up questions to how that’s shaped her as a person.

Immigration to America

Josephine's and her parents life in America and how and they came here.

14 year old Eleanor interviews her grandma, Mary, about her childhood

Eleanor LaFreniere, a fourteen-year-old girl from Southeastern Wisconsin talks to her grandma, Mary Krimmer, about her childhood and favorite memories. Eleanor learned about Mary‘s favorite things to do and learned about how life was different from when she was a...

Dad’s History

Family history and what life was like for my dad growing up.

My cousin Maggie

In this interview I talked to my cousin Maggie. During this time we talked about her childhood and school.

Steve Bornstein and his work life

“The hardest professional thing i’ve done had to be defying my boss.” On January 6th 2019 in Los Angeles California Mason Bornstein(14) interviewed his father Steve Bornstein(66) about his professional success. In this interview you will see more in depth...

Daniela Barragan talks to her dad Manuel Barragan about growing up and 9/11 in Whitewater, Wisconsin

In the recording interview, Daniela Barragan (15) talks to Manuel Barragan (44) about his childhood in Mexico. They also discussed about what he did when 9/11 happened and how it impacted him.

An Interview the Nana (Marie Menzel & Alyssa Hadding)

We talked about her childhood, & how/what she's did when she grew up. What her parents were like & what she did with them on the weekends. Also, what some of her favorite memories were (funny & old!)

Korean War Interview

My great grandfather and I talking about his experience in the Korean War

Interviewing My Dad

I had the opportunity to interview my father who has influenced my life greatly.

Bye, Bye Mom

A son how lost is mother at age 5, wants to find some answers about what his mother was like

Interview with Mom

This interview was about some of the problems my Mom has faced and how she was able to overcome it all.

Honoring Cassandra: A Story of Love, Faith, and Legacy

Bridget talks to Kurt about his relationship with his daughter Cassandra, his faith, and the creation of the Cassandra Voss Center at St. Norbert College.

Damon Runberg interviews his grandma Jeanne McAlexander Tomlin about family ties at Priest Lake

Damon Runberg talked to his grandma Jeanne Tomlin about her family's long ties to Priest Lake, dating back to 1898 when her great grandfather arrived as a timber Cruiser from Wisconsin. Her family has been at the lake ever since,...