Interviewing my Grandpa

I interview my grandpa about his childhood and his career. Great advice is added too.

Working in Hospitals During a Global Pandemic

Interviewing Ryan Bigelow on the subject of working in hospitals during a global Covid pandemic.

Oral History Project: 9-11

For this interview I talked to my mother about her experience and thoughts regarding the terrorist attack that was 9-11.

Talking about the 9/11 Attack

Aniya Yera (17) talks with her grandma, Norma Yera (65) about the 9/11 attack. She talks about life before and how life was different after.

Mom growing up

This is a conversation with my mom about growing up in Racine Wisconsin in the 1930’s & 1940’s

Natalie Swope interview Genevieve Jones about her journey throughout college.

Natalie Swope interviews Genevieve Jones at her home in Maryland. Genny learned all about what she wanted to do in life throughout college and trial and error. She had a lot of help along the way by encouraging adults. One...

My Grandpa’s Amazing Life

In this interview, I talked to my grandpa about his life, jobs, family, and childhood. He shared with me some of his many amazing experiences like the time he traveled all the way to Africa to help people, the time...

Interview With Grammie(Christine Smith)

My grandmother and I talked a lot about the things that have had the greatest impact on her life. We discussed that the most important thing in life is family; wether it’s playing card games or having family dinners, you...

An Interview the Nana (Marie Menzel & Alyssa Hadding)

We talked about her childhood, & how/what she's did when she grew up. What her parents were like & what she did with them on the weekends. Also, what some of her favorite memories were (funny & old!)

Patricia Keating, Lorrie Keating Heinemann, and Robert Keating

Siblings, Lorrie Keating Heinemann (60) and Robert Keating (61), interview their sister, Patricia "Pat" Keating (78), about her early life, her work, her hobbies, and how she learned to navigate life as a blind person. They also share some favorite...

Interview of my mom

Interviewed my mom and we talked about things from her past

My Uncle

We talked about family and friends, work and religion. We dove into thoughts and personalities.

Martha Sparrow and Hamid Safi

Hamid Safi (26) and his sponsor, Martha Sparrow [no age given], share a conversation about Hamid's emigration from Afghanistan to the United States, his upbringing in Kunar, Afghanistan, and his hopes both for his future and for the future of...

Jo Ann Schedler and Jonathan Schedler

Jo Ann Schedler (74) talks with her husband, Jonathan "Jon" Schedler [no age given], about her commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Reserve. Other topics include Jo Ann's Native American heritage and tribal history.


Bill Chiappetta was able to travel the world, see the place where his family was from, and while doing these things he was serving our country. My name is Grace Chiappetta-Uberti, I am 14 years old, and I interviewed my...

Dad’s History

Family history and what life was like for my dad growing up.

Interviewing My Dad

I had the opportunity to interview my father who has influenced my life greatly.

Nancy Richings – Interview #1: Summers at Clam Lake, WI

Laurie Richings interviews her mother, Nancy, about childhood memories of summers at her family cabin in Wisconsin - Interview 1