AP Psych Project

Jarod and I talk about life goals and important things in life. He shares some of his favorite memories throughout his life and some of his goals he wants to achieve. We talk about dream houses and where he sees...

Olivia and Maggi Arguello: Growing Up

I interview my mom on her childhood growing up on a dairy farm in rural Wisconsin.

Wauwatosa Resident Lisa Williams Backs The Black Lives Matter Movement

This interview conducted by Zoe Falk (20) in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (Year 2020) highlights resident Lisa William's experiences and feelings about racism and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement. Lisa is a mother of three and founder of Persisters, a local...

Moms childhood

What moms childhood was like and how times were different in the past

Dora Smith and Lois Keeven

Dora Smith (51) interviews her mother Lois Keeven (75) about her upbringing, her career, and her marriage.

adoption “you love them the same”

the story of Kay Berken and adopting her children the struggle the emotions and feelings and the process of adopting .

Story Corps interview with my grandma

I interviewed my grandma about her childhood, jobs, trips and more. I got to hear about her experiences and favorite memories in the past.

Jenna and Kaden Story Corp

We talked about Kaden’s life and if he has had any regrets. When he starts to regret something, he thinks about going back in time, then changes his mind and realizes that he doesn’t want for fix the past and...

Jennifer Harders and Lu Ann Ramsey

Jennifer Harders (49) has a conversation with colleague and friend Lu Ann Ramsey (69) about their experience in facilitating memory cafes and the benefits to persons living with memory loss and their care partners or family members.

Caden Schafer interviews police officer father Trent Schafer about his job and how he got there.

I Caden Schafer (14) interviewed my father Trent Schafer (42) about his job as a police officer. This interview was done in Oregon, Wisconsin on December 1st, 2019. We also discussed his child hood and what lead him to his...

interview with my mom

this is a interview with my mom about her family life, greatest accomplishments and career

Lowell Sauers and Mary Swifka

Husband and wife Lowell Saunders (82) and Mary Swifka (62) discuss Lowell’s time in the Navy and working in the White House and Pentagon during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Psych assignment.

Overall, we talked about our friendship. We discussed her life moving from Indiana and some funny memories of our lives.

Connecting Primary Progressive Aphasia and Music: Our Life Path

A conversation led by a Speech Language Pathologist with an individual living with Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA), his wife, and their music coach describing the power of music in their lives. They share their strategies, challenges, and successes in connecting...

Jane Benson and Jane Klawitter

Jane Benson (69) interviews her aunt Jane Klawitter (90) about friendship traditions, Jane Klawitter travel to Fawn Lake every year for sixty years with a group of friends, and the power of relationships.