Bill Thompson and Diane Thompson

Spouses Bill Thompson (77) and Diane Thompson (76) talk about the history of, and their connection to, the Walworth County Fair in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Emma Bentley Ruzicka and John Bentley

Emma Bentley Ruzicka (34), interviews her grandfather Dr. John Bentley (86) about his time in the Navy, how he met his wife, becoming a doctor, and the experiences that followed him from state to state.

Nonnie, in Appleton, WI

Talking to my grandmother (89) about her life in WI and memories of our family.

Renae H. & Hannah C. High School Storycorps Close Out

2023-06-05- Renae Higgins and Hannah Castrillo, conclude their senior year at age 18 by going over varying life stories.

Time with dad

My fathers young life and then him growing up to be a hard worker

Sue Hartwick and Connie Meyer

Best friends Connie Meyer (61) and Sue Hartwick (62) share their childhood memories growing up in the Sixties, especially their families and experiences at school, discuss their individual career paths, and reminisce about their friendship.

Living History Project

My Papa, Mike Haverty, told me about life when he was growing up especially during the second world war. He also described experiences that have affected him and shaped him

Ginny Hall and Chris Brookes

Ginny Hall (88) shares stories with her friend Chris Brookes (73) about growing up in a small Wisconsin town, her career in Home Economics, her interest in the history of Walworth County, Wisconsin, and volunteer contributions to the Lake Geneva...

Interview with Loretta “Lolly” Glenore Mills

Lolly talked about growing up in Wisconsin; meeting her husband Don Mills; having three girls Jan, Julie, and Jolene; and her hopes for her great grandchildren.

Alesha and Jake Gelsone

What was talked about was Alesha’s childhood and how loving she is. Me and my brother Vinny would never be anywhere without her fantastic childhood and mom powers

Crandon Mainstreet Interview with George Tupper

September 200? local history interview of George Tupper conducted by Winnie Krueger. Interview includes George's memories of downtown businesses and community members.

Father and Son interview

I ask questions to my father and we talked and he told me about his life.

More About Mimi

This interview was all about my grandmother. She lived a great life and has so many wonderful memories.

Interviewing my Mom and Nana

Today I interviewed my mom, Wendy, and my nana, Linette. We recorded this interview in Wisconsin but my nana was on zoom due to the Corona Virus. It was recorded on November 15, 2020. We talked about their childhood, their...