Berquist interview

An interview with my dad about his childhood, life and things he has learned

Theresa Foley and James Foley

Theresa Foley sits down with her father to learn about his life and experiences.

My Mom’s Life Story

In this interview, I, Alanna Diaz interview my mother, about her life. We talk about fortunate and misfortunate events and I get to know a little about my mother that I never knew. My mom talks about her childhood and...

Interview with Laura!

This interview is about getting to know my friends grandma and how she has grown as a person and how she’s grown with her family

A Chat with My Mom

My mother’s family and background. Along with her childhood and motivations.

Arnold Birenbaum: It's Academic Now

Arnold Birenbaum (80) reflects on a pivotal moment in his life during a conversation with his sons Jon (53) and Steven (50). As a young professor in 1969 he was denied tenure after backing student protesters at City College in...

Interview with Marnee Burke DeVine, first cousin to John and Robert Kennedy

Catrin, Daniel and Ellen Koselka's interview of their great aunt, Marnee Burke DeVine, first cousin to John and Robert Kennedy. Marnee discusses growing up with her cousins, her work on their presidential campaigns, her marriage to John DeVine and her...

Immigration Project

I interviewed Miguel Veras on his immigration story from the Dominican Republic to the United States.