Interview with my mother

We talked about my mother’s life as well as me as a child.

The Day My Father Let Go of His Dream Sport

My father’s decision to end his college football career right before he was going to go to the NFL.

Interview with Bill Daws

In the interview with Bill Daws. We had discussed about what our family was like back then and a few things about himself.

Izzy Won and Deianarah Machicado

Izzy Won and Deianarah are both teenagers who have decided to do an interview together virtually during COVID-19. They are best friends and share their experiences and thoughts to each other. They discuss their future, their COVID-19 shelter-in-place journey, and...

A Conversation about The Assasination of JFK

My grandma and I talking about JFK’s assassination. I learned many things about how it affected her and her family.

Sibling Interview

We talked about a lot of funny stories from when we were kids. Also, he talked about some things that were helpful for me to know for the future.

My brother Lucas

My brother and I sitting down and having a conversation

AP Human Geography Project By Alejandro Carroll

This interview is about my dads expierences when he was a young child and his response to my questions.(Diane Carroll is not apart of the interview)

Interviewing my dad

I asked my dad some questions that I have always wanted to ask him.

Interview with my dad

An interview with my dad to get to know more things about his early teenage and adult years.

Abbey ACTUALLY talks about her feelings

abbey & i talk about her feelings on how her life is going & what has shaped her into the person she is today.

Thoughtful Thanks: A conversation about adoption and its impact on our lives, relationships, and family

In the Thanksgiving spirit, I discuss the impact of adoption on my family, relationships, and life lessons with my sister, mom and dad.

Husband and Wife discuss their marriage in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Julia Torres: 2020-04-23 00:35:37 Married for 26 years, John and Julia are navigating their long-distance marriage impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic. They share their emotions, logistical challenges, teachable moments and hopes for surviving this crisis.

Sandy Tomaga

This is an interview of me and my mother

My mom and I talk about her life growing up as a mixed Filipina Caucasion child.

This interview is about my mom and I, and how she grew up as a mixed caucasion filipina in a prodomitaley white neighborhood and how that has affected her back then as well as today.

Fr Kaylee

We talked about her life and feelings

The Great Thanksgiving Story – Bryant
November 22, 2018 App Interview

Asking my brother questions for the Thanksgiving Listen.

Interview With My Dad

We talked about my dad's childhood and how he wanted to be remembered.

“At least you told me now and I didn’t find out when I got home.”

As a freshman in high school I ran into a wall and I had to make a phone call to my parents not knowing what to expect. But it turns out it went pretty well.