Mary Josephine Konkel

Jerry, Jeff and Marge Konkel talking about their fondest memories of Jo Konkel.

Speaking on Seminary with Allison Peterson

Jackson (18) talks to his mom, Allison (59) about her going back to Seminary after taking a break from sitting behind a desk for almost 40 years.

COVID-19 Effects on Community and Family

In this interview, I discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the community and the family with my father. Past similar experiences, present adaptions, and possible future effects are all highlighted.

The Value of Life and Stewardship – Mitchel Branden

Mitchel Branden (58) talks with his daughter, Tasha Branden (19) about how his life influenced his time in the U.S. Navy (1980-1984) and how the navy influenced his life post service.

"It took me a while to realize the baby shower was for me"

Moments after being born Michael was put into foster care where he spent the first few months of his life until a young couple adopted him. He grew up not knowing who his birth-parents were until as an adult he...

Migration Interview

I enjoy listening to my mom. Althought that I stumbled on translating, just listening to them was great!

StoryCorps Interview

There were many subjects that were talked about, but some of the main themes including life in Texas, significance of friends and family, never stop learning.

Aheed Atif

My Father describing his experiences in Pakistan and when he moved to the USA

An interview about mostly life in Germany and such with my Dad

As per the title, I did an interview with my dad about his life in Germany and being in the military and such.

There’s a Lot You Can Learn from Your Parents (feat. Brother!)

I had the opportunity to interview my parents for a school project! Little did I know I’d learn a lot in just 30 minutes. This interview is raw, lighthearted, and heavy at times. It is a bit choppy towards the...

Rene Myers Interview
November 5, 2017 App Interview

Sophia Myers-Kelley asks her mom Rene Myers questions about her childhood, memories, and wishes for the future.

An interview with a co-worker

My co-worker agreed to talk with me about being Jewish. She gave insights about her own experiences along with her family's customs/heritage.

Bryan Gilbrech and Marjorie Gilbrech

We discussed memories of the Great Depression, WWII, family members, and stories passed from an older generation.

Transitioning from Florida to Minnesota

Diana and I talked about the Venezuelan influence and traditions in her life. Another major emphasis was on how different life and attitudes are between Florida and the Midwest.

Memories with my grandparents

Memories with my grandma and my grandpa joins in adding a little rant

Parent Interview

Talked about childhood and growing up. Along with this, talked about family traditions.